This site is really it just me?

I’ve noticed off and on for a while now that things are really, really slow :sleepy: to load here. I figured there was work on the site, just be patient. :whistle: It is so slow today! How slow is it? I can fail a level in Angry Birds 2 or 3 times or maybe get 3 stars while I wait for the page to load or to View First Unread. Also, sometimes I click on a topic, the Firefox tab says connecting, but it never opens. It’s not consistently slow, sometimes things go as quickly as I could want, then back to slow again. Is this happening for anyone else or am I just super special? :teehee: LOL Facebook which has always been something I hate to wait for is frequently loading faster than a link will open here. Go figure. :wink:

LOVE that snail! He’s so cute!

I occasionally have slowness, but not tothe extent you’re having. I’m getting an error page pretty regularly when I’m on my iPad. I have to hit the back button to go back to my previous page. I’ll let Sheldon know.

Thanks, Jan. I went looking for a snail, hoping to find one that would indicate slow but not look mad, or irritated, or other unpleasant things. That one seemed to work.

Guess what? This time the thread opened pretty quickly.

You did good! Adorable snails are perfect! They wouldn’t chew your plants now would they? :lol:

Oh good! I suspect the problems are growing pains, but I’ve emailed Sheldon.

I’ve thought the same thing. I’ve been concerned that if the site is slow for newcomers they’ll never find out how great it really is…or buy anything in the Shop. I hope that’s not happening.

I took a look and it looks like that their is a bad route between your computer and the server here. When you connect to any website, data is routed through different network routers (called hubs). If any of those hubs are on the fritz or get congested, the data will attempt to route around it and find another path. Sometimes it can’t find a clear path and you will experience a site as either down or EXTREMELY EXTREMELY slow (in the case of a congested hub).

I’m afraid there is really no solution to the problem. The issue typically exists “out on the web” and most ISP’s won’t troubleshoot routing issues. Our servers are located in NYC, so it’s possible you’d experience similar slowness connecting to other servers located in NYC where data took the same route. Sometimes rebooting your cable modem and/or network router can cause your local network to update with new routes and that can remedy the issue.

Routing issues are considered transient problems. They tend to come and go. Some ISP’s use lower quality backbone connections which are more congested and prone to routing issues.

KH is a relatively speedy website. I put a lot of effort into tuning the server and the coding to cut milliseconds from load times. The main website and video pages are the fastest parts of the website, the free patterns and forum tend to be a little slower. But here we are talking 100’s of milliseconds. Every page on KH should load within a second or two, unless we are experiencing some sort of server issue. Server issues are pretty rare and there hasn’t been one recently.

We rarely do any sort of work on KH that slows down the website as we’re working on it. Occasionally something will go kaput and knock a section of the site offline, such as the free patterns. If there’s any work that might require downtime or cause a slowdown, I typically schedule it for after 11PM EST, so as not to affect the website during busy times.

We track and graph page load and server response times for KH. It helps us identify if there are any issues or if a particular change has introduced any issues. I’ve checked that data going back and the trend remains unchanged. All systems are go!

I wish I could offer a surefire fix. I know it can be frustrating. Usually over time routing issues just resolve on their own.


Thanks for the info, Sheldon. I will reboot my modem and see if it helps. If that’s what it takes, I’ll do it on a regular basis. I realize you can’t offer any real solutions, the problem isn’t with the site. It does seem strange that it was never a problem with this ISP until…I’m not sure when it started but it was months after I got my DSL. Life online, I guess. Happy knitting!

So I am just super special. :teehee: I rebooted the modem, cleared the cache, rebooted the laptop, so far so good. Will have to remember the modem reboot part for future reference. I guess the little guys in there directing traffic need a break now and then. :passedout: