This seems strange... December Magknits

It is December 4th and there hasn’t been a discussion on the new Magknits yet? How is that possible? I like the gaither and the cinabar scarf though I will probably never make either one. That party scarf is pretty too. I have a hard time imagining why i would ever want to knit that ruffled boa…2,000+ stitches in one row for a scarf?! yikes!

I like the cinabar scarf… I have some green yarn that I think would love to become it… but when :shrug:

:noway: wow thats a lot of stitches… yeah the boa will not be made by me…

I adore that party scarf! Sooo purdy :teehee:

I love the party scarf and the cinnabar scarf. I’ll probably make myself the Cinnabar scarf after Christmas at some point. The teeny Kureyon bags are really cute, too…I might have to try one of those.

I really like the Malagaiter. I have some Malabrigo that has been waiting for a project.

2000 stitches??! :passedout:

I like the cinnabar scarf a lot!

yeah even the smaller version is just over 1000 stitches…can you imagine binding off all of those stitches!!! :wall:

you know, on dec. 1st i went to magknits site thinking, before i saw it, that i would be the first to post about it here. but once i got there i wasn’t thrilled by it and so didn’t bother. i guess the front page scarf is okay.

OMGosh I just love the Cinnabar :inlove: I wish I didn’t have so many things going already. Even so after I’m done with all my Christmas knitting that babys going on the needles. Looks like a job for KP Andean Silk! I like the Malagater too!

Nadja xxx

i LOOOOOOOVE the piano scarf!!! I might make it for ME!