This scarf is making me crazy!

I’ve tried twice now to make DH a nice Green Bay Packer scarf, first for his birthday and now for Christmas. The first time, I cast on a billion stitches to do a vertical stripe scarf. I used seed stitch for the edges and knit the rest in stockinette. I cast the darn thing off, and it was the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen, so I frogged the darn thing.

The second time, I tried the vertical stripes again, this time doing the whole thing in garter stitch, and got about halfway through it. It was also UGLY!

I think I’ve been trying to make it too interesting, so now I’m doing a boring, yet manly, slip stitch pattern, knit short-wise. No stripes, just big color blocks.

It’s going to be a really boring scarf. but I think DH will like it. Hopefully, I can get the darn thing finished before Christmas! My DH has been very supportive of my newfound knitting obsession this year, so I’d really like to make something that isn’t hideous!

Do you think it may the yarn you are using that makes you dislike the final product? Just a thought… DH will love what you make him, no matter what.

I just ran across this, straight after reading your post.
It Looks good but Too late I know, Just thought you might be interested.
Sorry yours wasn’t didn’t work out.