This project is bumming me out

It’s a baby blanket that feels like it’s about 8 miles square, knit in size-9 garter stitch, in an institutional green color, and did I mention it’s never going to end? Oy. AND it was supposed to be done for the shower which is tomorrow and the blanket is -not- done because I can barely stay awake long enough to get through a row. Anyone else had a project like this? :wall:

Sounds like a NEBB (Never Ending Baby Blanket).
Once you finish this, at least you know your tolerance for long stretches of boring knitting is low.
Hang in there! (Or make it smaller. :teehee: )

Oh, my gosh - been there, done that… and no amount of coffee seemed to help me stay awake… hang in there! :slight_smile:

Are you me? Oh wait, I’m working in shade of brown (size 9 garter stitch) squares for a full-sized afghan. One square down, 34 to go!

Silly me was hoping to get this done by the time I go to the big sandbox in just over a month. Laugh with me now…

No advice, just much sympathy!


my last one took me two months, gotta plan for thems things WAY up ahead of time and YES it did feel like forever and a day. I did a full sized blanket and I knit like 30 rows a day and it still took me over a month and I’m dumb enough to do it again let alone spin the yarn FOR it.

Yes, I have. A pr of socks that just can’t seem to be done.
I’d love to do a afghan or a blanket, but the tedium worries me.

I have an extremely low tolerance for “sameness” in knitting. I get bored and have to push myself to finish even a sweater and a pair of socks. I DO finish everything (except for that darned Afghan that I haven’t touched since September), but I itch to go on to other patterns.

That’s why I rarely give myself deadlines. Well, except at Christmas, and I started those gifts in September. Hmmm, right about the time I put down the Afghan. Might there be a connection??

Oh you poor thing! Yup, I think we’ve all had projects like that. When I have one I don’t enjoy working on, I start another one that I DO enjoy. Then I bargain with myself on my knitting time. I’ll make myself knit 30 min or 1hr (or whatever) on my blah project and then reward myself with x amount of knitting time on the other one. It may take you longer to complete the project that way (or may not since you’re probably avoiding it anyway), but at least you don’t avoid knitting altogether until it’s done.

I feel for ya, I really do!
I pretty much do the same thing as Wanda recommends, either that or I promise myself other rewards for progress. Example:
(telling myself)
OK, if you do 3 rows on that stupid blanket then you can go get a yummy salted caramel hot chocolate from starbucks. But then you have to do 3 more rows on it when you get home.
That sort of self deluded bribery usually works pretty well for me - at least the first half of it anyway :slight_smile:
Another trick I have for blankets that don’t seem to want to end, especially when they are shower gifts with a hard-stop deadline is 1) re-evaluate the size - maybe I just need to put this giant one away and make a little tiny baby blanket and tell the parents I am making them a matching one for their family to cuddle up on the couch with that they will get later. This usually works and it gives me more time to finish the bigger one. An important note on this I have a personal tendency to make all blankets much bigger than they need to be no matter how many times I remind myself that my friends baby will be smaller than my dog (a mastiff). If you don’t have this problem, your blanket is probably the right size to start with so the sizing thing won’t work for you***
2) I never EVER do a repetitive pattern in only one color, even just adding a few stripes in breaks the monotony for me.
3) Unless the person has specifically requested a stupid irritating color, I try my best to only use colors that I like and yarns that I enjoy working with so even if the pattern is dull and repetitive at least it feels good.

Been there, done that! I feel your pain but my solution is to always use some form of a pattern stitch to break the monotony of just plain knit, purl or garter. It does help keep it interesting! Hang in there, just think… your blankie won’t get lost in a sea of other shower gifts, just pick up something to take so you won’t feel guilty, but FINISH that blankie and hand it to her with pride!!!

Oh Yeah – totally been there! Baby blankets seem to go on and on and on. I don’t think it matters how ‘interesting’ your pattern is. Over the years my baby blankets have seriously shrunken in size – stroller/carseat now or if they are big they are double stranded on big needles. Hang in there!! It’ll get done!

Put something on the tv that you really like. I like basic stitches like that for when I want to pay attention to what’s on the tube.

I hear you! I recently finished off a baby blanket that was so boring, I thought it would put me into a coma. Somewhat mysteriously, I somehow bound it off when it was a foot shorter than the length I had planned it to be. Now how did that happen? :teehee:

I feel your pain, I’ve been working on a full sized blanket since july, only 2 more feet to go, thank god!!!

Know what you mean! started a Log Cabin Afghan Jan 10, 2008 and finished it Oct 19, 2008. it was several colors of Homespun, in garter stitch,and had to be ‘frogged’ several times because i bound off too tightly and the center looked like a hammock. still kinda does, but my DD likes it anyway. what a great daughter!! i used leftovers to make a scrappy striped small afghan for DGD! so don’t give up!! linknit41

Based on everybody’s comments about a NEBB, I’m going ahead and doing it anyway… Of course, I’ve pretty much thrown the pattern out the window. I’m going by the pattern for a different yarn - there’s one for this yarn that’s almost identical that I just found, but it calls for a different size needle. It calls for knitting a garter stitch from corner to corner, using a YO for the increase. I was pretty encouraged because I’ve done almost 60 rows in less than three hours, but then I got my math brain out and realized that I’m less that 1/10th of the way done. sigh At least once I get to the decreases I can fool myself into thinking it’s almost done, and I know that once it gets down to the last 5 inches I can really finish it off quick.

20,000 stitches - 1400 down, waaay too many to go.

But I’m super pleased by how it looks - it’s going to be a present for my boss, and it’s not totally obvious that this will be my second FO.

Ah yes, the bargaining. I did that with the blanket and my cute handbag. I figure it’s the inverse ratio of my attention span: if I work on something half the time, it will keep my attention twice as long. The bag got done, the blanket is getting there, ha ha.

I know how you feel. I knitted an afghan for my sister’s baby boy a few years ago-- it was 6x6 12-inch squares. I was still working on it the night my sister was in labor. Sure, she would have liked it to be done by then, but in the end it turned out so great that she was glad that I took the time to finish it thoroughly, even if I had to start over five times, which I did. My point is that this is not the end of the world. You’ll finish it when you finish it, and you’ll finish it right. I hope I helped!

i have a shawl that I started ages ago in red fancy fur that is still in my to-do basket. I cannot seem to get it finished. Now the green wool gathered stitch scarf for my daughter is going quickly (same pattern as my purple wool gathered stitch scarf).

so I feel for ya…