This pattern isn't coming out even! help!

I’ve started this afghan for my daughter…this is the second time now, first time I got to the 17th row and realized the yarn overs were repeating right on top of the bobble (which is the end of the sequenced “flower” pattern)…
Needless to say, the pattern should intermittently dispersing these patterns for the"flowers" instead of them being on top of each other. So I pulled my work out the first time and double checked my work the second time in, but yet again, on the 17th row I’m running into them being on top of each other, and I’m counting everything double, triple times! I don’t want to continue and have the pattern coming out looking completely ridiculous. What am I doing wrong? Help!

My mind reading skills are a bit rusty, so without knowing what the pattern is, or how it reads, it’s really hard to say. Do you have a link to or name of the pattern?

Its actually called the Ella afghan for babies…i actually took it from a book in hobby lobby… The book being $20 I didn’t buy it. But…
Here is the pattern
1-6 knit across
7 (rs) k8, k2tog, yo, k1, yo, ssk, (k13, k2tog, yo, k1, yo, ssk) repeat to last 8 knit
8 k4, purl across to last 4 knit
9 k7, k2tog, k1, (yo, k1) twice , ssk. K11, k2tog, k1, (yo,k1) twice, ssk, repeat from the k11 to last 7 knit across
10 k4 purl across to last 4
11 k6, k2tog, k2, yo,k1 , yo, k2, ssk (k9, k2tog, k2,.yo, k1, yo k2, ssk) repeat parentheses sequence to last 6 knit
12 k4 , purl across to last 4
13 k5, k2tog, k3, yo,k1, yo, k3, ssk (k7, k2tog, k3, yo,k1, yo, k3, ssk) repeat to last 5 knit
14 k4 purl across to last 4
15 k10, work bobble, (k17, work bobble) across to last 10 stitches then knit
16 k4 purl across to last 4
17 (the problem) k17, k2tog, yo, k1, yo, ssk, (k13,.k2tog, yo,.k1, yo, ssk) across to last 17 stitches and knit

After the first 16 rows and the flower comes out, 17 is starting that sequence all over again, starts out in between two then ends up right over the next few…looks stupid! :frowning: thank you for the help

The bobble should be about 2/3 of the way through the first k17 on row 17, and the YOs in between them. What are the instructions for the bobble? Does it end up being just 1 stitch when you’re finished with it?

you said the yo in between them…you mean each bobble? And yes thats exactly my thought, thats why I’m getting frustrated when it comes out right on top of the bobble.
bobble comes out as one stitch in the end.
Instructions are:
K1, yo, k1, turn all in next st p1(p1, yo, p1) all in next stitch p1, turn k5, turn p2tog, p1, p2tog, turn slip 1 st, k2tog, psso
ill admit I had to bobble before the 17 st in row 15 a couple of times so it would come out evenly over the yo’s.
Not sure what thats about… Maybe the bobble instructions when says “all in next stitch” is throwing me off…I just go to the next stitch over .idk!

The directions for the bobble have a “turn” in the wrong place. It should read: K1, yo, k1, all in next st, [B]turn[/B], p1(p1, yo, p1) all in next stitch, p1, turn k5, turn p2tog, p1, p2tog, turn slip 1 st, k2tog, psso and that may be making you use too many sts to make the bobbles in row 15.
Don’t go to the next st over for the bobble. It should start with a k1, yo, k1 into [U]one[/U] st (3sts made out of one). Take a look at the video here that shows a similar bobble (starts with 5sts out of one but the idea is the same).
Assuming the yo’s are in the correct place in row 13, the bobbles in row 15 should come over the k1 that part of the yo, k1, yo. That works out across the row. Row 17 will then place the yo’s between the bobbles from row 15.

know what? That was my fault , my brain is moving too fast. The turn is in the right place, but maybe I’m not grasping the “all in next stitch”…
I can’t watch the video as Im on my phone… :frowning: I’ve watched the bobble tutorials on youtube tho.
As I k1, yo, k1 that equals 3 stitches right?
Then turn to p1, (p1, yo, p1) and then p1 again, that incorporates two stitches from outside that equal five, then I knit, then decrease. Am I wrong? I must be confusing myself :frowning:

K1, yo, k1, all in next st, That’s 3 sts.
Turn, p1 into the first of the 3sts, (p1 yo p1) into the second of the three sts and finaly p1 into the third of the 3 sts. You don’t work any of the other sts on the sides. You are only increasing into a single st first to 3sts and then to 5sts.

All in next st means you do the next 3 ‘actions’ in the next st on your left needle - knit and leave the st on LN, yo, and knit into the stitch again. then turn anf purl into the first st, p yo p into the yo, and purl into the last st of those 3 which will give you 5 sts…

Oh my goodness…how do I p1, yo, p1 into one stitch? Guess I will have to youtube that one. Thank you so much for your help. I see pulling out in my future…again :frowning:

from an experienced knitters pov, should I rip it all out again and start from the beginning? Or should I go down to row 15 to get the bobble out and try again? I’m not sure im ripping out effectively either, I take it off the needle pull the thread out and try to re thread on to the needle…ugh

Go back to row 15, I think you haven’t been doing the bobbles right. To k yo k or p yo p into one stitch, k/p into it, leave it on the needle, wrap the yarn around the needle for the yo, then k/p into the same stitch again.

To rip out, I take out to the end of the row I need to fix, then put the sts back on the needle one by one as I take out that last row stitch by stitch. It’s a lot easier than trying to get the needle into the loops, though it helps if you use one a couple three sizes smaller.

I got it!! :slight_smile: thank you ladies! That was driving me insane!

I’m an Eastern European knitter and hold my yarn in the left hand like a Continental knitter would. What I do is to hold the YO in place with my right index finger on top of the right needle as I make the next stitch. This would work for the p1, yo,p1. As for the pattern, maybe you wrote it down incorrectly. Then again, sometimes patterns are just plain wrong. Patterns have errors in them all the time which the pattern companies and publishers don’t always correct. Stitch counts listed in the pattern are sometimes wrong. If all else fails, look at the picture and see if you can recreate the pattern with a few adjustments. It sounds to me as if it’s only off maybe two or three stitches. Another thing you can do is to visit your LYS, local yarn store. One of the knowledgeable clerks may be able to get you over the hump.