This pattern has made me sooo angry

It’s probably me, I’m sure it is, but I really cannot work out why it doesn’t work. I’d be so grateful if anyone could explain where I’m going wrong.

Here is the first part of the pattern - its for a lovely little stuffed cat.

The head and body are knit in one piece.
Rd 1: Cast on 6 st (Emily Ocker’s cast on), dividing them on 3 dpns and knit one round placing a marker at the beginning of the round.
Rd 2: k1, inc, k1 (repeat on each needle) 9 st total
Rd 3: k
Rd 4: k1, inc, k1, inc, k1 (repeat on each needle) 15 st total
Rd 5: k
Rd 6: k
Rd 7: k1, inc, k1, inc, k1, inc, k1, inc, k1 (repeat on each needle) 27 st.

It works until Rd 4 - but when I k1 inc (in the round using magic loop) then I get 13 stitches not 15. And then even if I had 15 stitches it would go to 23 not 27. The only bit of the pattern I don’t understand is that it says ‘repeat on each needle’. Is this where I’m going wrong? What does it mean? Or is it because i’m using magic loop rather than double pointed?

Sorry for long post, but if you knew how angry i was!..


Welcome to KH.
How are you marking the 3 needle’s worth of stitches. If you have markers to show where each needle begins and ends you should be able to get the right count. One of your “needles” will probably be split for the loop, make sure that you treat all of those stitches as if they were actually on one needle together. That may be where you’re not getting the right number of increases.

This is frustrating and I understand. I did Henry’s Rabbit on ML and it took some time to get it all figured out. It can be done.

Oh right! I didn’t even think to mark where the needles would have been - I just alternated k1, inc. So that could well be where I’m going wrong. Thank you for your reply, I’ll have another go

If you have more problems, let us know, someone should be able to help you sort it out. I’m sure you’ll do fine.