This part confuses!

When a pattern says “ending on a WS row” does that mean I’ve just finished a WS row or starting one?? Also, with this pattern,

[I]Work 3 1/2” in K2/P2 Ribbing, ending on a WS row and inc 6 (7, 8, 9, 10) sts evenly across last row – 100 (109, 118, 127, 136) sts.[/I]

do I increase in k2/p2 ribbing?? It seems to me that if I try to do that it will totally throw off the ribbing. Can someone make sense of all this for me??


Ending with a WS row means that you’re completing the WS before you start the next set of directions.

At this point, you just increase since the ribbing will be finished after this row, and you’ll be working stockinette, I assume, from this point on. You won’t have to worry about affecting the ribbing.