This neck shaping looks weird

I have a double knitting pattern for a straightforward sweater with raglan sleeves. My query is that the neck shaping seems wrong for the style of neck in the picture. As you can see there are only 16 rows in the neck shaping. That leaves a really small shoulder taper and by the time I add the neck band it will almost be a polo neck .

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That looks correct to me and like the photo. The neck is going to be made up of the sleeve tops in addition to the front and back portion.
You can check ahead in the pattern and see how many sts are cast off or held at the top of the sleeves to see what I mean.

This post and my reply got caught up when the forum server went down. I’m sorry that I didn’t notice it until so late @Blackcats

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Thank you so much for replying, I thought I had made a mistake with the post. I completely see what you mean about the sleeves hadn’t thought of that. I have completed the back now so will stick with it. I’ll post a picture when it is done. Thank you again.


Hi! I’m a newbie and this is my first jumper! I had 26 stitches on a holder and my pattern said to put the centre 15 onto another holder for the neckline. Does that mean the centre of those 26, like I’ve done, but then it doesn’t look right? Or does it mean the centre 15 of the whole piece? Sorry if this is obvious, I’m just confused haha!

Welcome to KH!
Congrats on the first sweater. It looks like very nice, even knitting.
It looks like you’ve fastened off the first shoulder and are about to start the second shoulder. You’ll need to take out the current row with the sts on hold. They are, as you suspected in the wrong place. These held sts are for the center neck so it’s the center of the entire piece. It’ll be the first 15sts. Then the remaining sts will be worked for the second shoulder

Thank you so much!
I thought this might have been the case, but the pattern didn’t make it very clear, so wanted an expert opinion! :blush:

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