This might be a DUMB question

But do you need to knit a gauge swatch when you knit things like armwarmers?

I know its summer but I’ve given up on socks again yet I still want to try to knit something in the round. My sis knitted these a couple of years back and i want to try cos this pattern looks totes easy


What do you all think?

I’d probably give it a go without a swatch. You can measure after you have an inch or so done to make sure you’re not too far off.

I knit that before. Use a REALLY stretchy bind off!!!


I suspect she accidentally put a response for another thread in the this post. I’ve done that before. :wink:

I wouldn’t bother to do a swatch for these. I’d probably just start knitting and do about 3 inches. Try them on and if they are the wrong size then you can frog or rip back a bit and adjust.

If your BO is too tight then it will be tight around your fingers. In things like this I find that just a normal BO works fine, just make sure it’s not tight. You can use a larger needle if you need to. If they were worked the other way and the BO were at the cuff then it might be more of an issue. You don’t want the hand part so loose that it’s sloppy. Just my 2 cents.