This may sound dumb

But I have no clue how to read my hat pattern. This is what is says:

On next round, knit 11 stitches, k2 together, repeat to 5 more times.

Work 1 round even


From what you’ve written you knit your next round the same way you knitted the current round. So, knit the eleven stitches then knit 2 together, 6 times total. Then knit the eleven stitches then knit 2 together another 6 times total of the following round. What you are probably doing since you are making a hat in the round is gradually decreasing to get to a closed top.

I believe work even means to work without increasing or decreasing, so I would work your decreases and then just knit the next round across. You often see patterns that say work a decrease or increase round, then work 5, 6, 7…100 rounds even, which would make for a large piece if you kept repeating the increases!

Yup…you’re decreasing the top now. What I do is when I’m on the first decrease round I knit x number then k2tog and put a marker all the way around. That way I never have to count again. The rows inbetween decrease rounds will be knit “even” which means with no decreases.

After a few decrease rounds you’ll need to knit onto DPNs or do magic loop or two circs. Your choice. I use DPNs and I think it’s a good way to learn since there is already knitting on the needles it makes it a lot easier.

Everything between * and * is repeated… k11, k2tog, k11, k2tog, etc until you get to the end of the round. Then just knit the next round without decreases.

Thanks everyone. I wanted to try to do it myself with out having to go see Kate or Kelly this weekend. But now that I am going to need DPN’s it looks like I am making a trip to Chix. :muah:

Well, if you have a second circular needle of the same size you wouldn’t [I]have[/I] to buy a set of double pointed needles.

I have my Deneise set. I just dont know how to utilize them just yet. And I need to be shown how to use DPN’s anyway.

My hat has 21 stitches left!! I am so excited. :cheering:

Yay :cheering:. Don’t forget the pix when your done.

If the Denise’s are interchangable, put a needle the right size on two separate cords, with a smaller size on the other end. You now have 2 circs that will knit the same size.