This may be painfully obvious but

…how do you use stitch markers? Why can’t I figure this out? :oo:

Most stitch markers are rings or loops of yarn that go on the needle to show you where patterns increase or decrease, or to mark a stitch repeat. These are slipped from needle to needle and travel up the rows as you knit.

Sometimes a pattern will call for you to mark each end of a row for measuring purposes or something similar. These can be loops of yarn tied in the stitch, a safety pin or a paper clip (something removeable) that stays put until you’re done.

I use them mostly for working in the round, either on dpn or circular needles. You just place the marker on the needle where the row Begins/ends and slip it when you come to it, so you know where the beginning and ending of your rounds are. You can also use just a small piece of contrasting yarn tied to make a loop and place it on the needle as a marker. hope this helps.:knitting:

1–there are several different styles

some styles can be uses several ways, some style only 1 way.

2–stitch markers are reminders…

and some of us use them generously(me often) and some use them…stingily!(me sometimes)

some mark a stitch (that is like a safety pin, the marker goes right into the stitch.

other go on to the needle (so a you knit, and come to marker, you are reminded to do (or just to make note of) something (increase, decrease, change pattern, short row, to mark off pattern repeats (in lace) what ever)

the simplest ones are bits of yarn (cotton thread yarn is best, but any yarn will work in a pinch.

cut ‘rings’ from a soda (or better yet the giant straws for bubble tea) will work in a pinch too

regular safety pins seem like they would work, but they mess up the yarn/stitches (and get caught in the ring/coil at the base of the pin) coilless craft pins work better.

How you use them, and how many you use… its up to you.

They are always useful… some knitter make more use, some less.

as for which style is best–that depends on how you are using them!

for knitting in the round, i like the bits of yarn ones

i cut 12 inches of yarn (i use crafters cotton-(heavy weight embroidery type cotton made by DMC)

fold in half, and make a loop

the loop goes on the needle.

the 6 or so inch long tail? i make sure i 'weave it" into the knitting as a work.

then if it gets dropped [SIZE=“2”](and a maker marking a beginning of the round (especially on complex patterns, where the BOR moves!)[/SIZE]
off the needle --it doesn’t go far!

In a nutshell, the markers just ride on the needles between the stitches and you slip them from one needle to the next as you get to them.

This is where my thinking died about the markers. It didn’t occur to me that I could get them OUT of the knitting after I’d put them in. Got it. Thanks everyone.