This May Amuse You

Something happened in a truckstop today that I thought may amuse some of you. You can read about it here


If it didn’t work, you were at least armed with pointy sticks!:thumbsup:

Exactly! Nice pointy Options :mrgreen:

snort That is so funny!!! :roflhard:

Ah well, we find our amusements where we can. :thumbsup:

That is a great story! I needed a good laugh today.


:roflhard: That’s awesome!

Well done Mason!!! d(^_^)b


Love it :rofl:

:roflhard: Oh Mason, thank you for the smiles :):hug:

that was great

yet again Mason, great story made my day:roflhard::roflhard::roflhard::roflhard::roflhard::roflhard:


It’s got to be said, Mason, you’re what my Gran would have called a 'Rum ‘un’.


Thanks for the laugh.

:rofl: Very funny, thanks for the laugh!!!

:teehee: I’m going to file this away and use it next time some jerk gives me a hard time when I’m knitting at work…

:roflhard::rofl::roflhard: I grovel in your greatness, Sir :notworthy: