This makes no sense

I wish I would have taken a picture of this. So I just spent several frustrating hours knitting on some cheap circulars I have and having no clue why it was going so poorly. It was just -hard- to knit.

Well, I decided to go up a needle size so maybe it would be easier, and the needle tips on the circs I was using were clearly two different sizes. One was a 10 (like it was supposed to be), and the other was like an 8 or smaller. How did I not notice that? And also, WTF!

Oh my! That is odd! Never had that happen before.

Do you know what brand they are?

The worst part I was kept having to knit off of the larger needle and couldn’t figure out why the stitches were so tight on it lol

They are fairly poorly quality and don’t really have a brand, honestly. They are bamboo and I purchased them on etsy. It was sizes 00-15 for $15 and I was just learning to knit and was sick of only being able to do things that required a size 6 or 8 (and I only had straight needles). I also bought the same set for straights and DPNs, also $15. Those are just fine 'cause really, how could you mess those up?? But the circs do have a pretty awful cord, it’s a clear plastic tube really. I know they will not last long.

For starters they were fine and certainly for that price. Most of them I have never used, so this was a surprise last night. When I get sick of them or enough of them become unusable (I just know the needles and cords are gonna separate easily at some point), I’m gonna look into a nice interchangeable set.

But size 00-15 of straights, dpns, and circs for $45 with free shipping was a pretty good deal. :slight_smile:

For knitting in the round, you can still use your 8/10 combination but only for the 10 size. Just make sure it’s the right hand needle and the 8 is in the left hand. The right needle determines the size of the stitch.

Oh good. I did think of it and figured it would work. Unfortunately I was doing it the -other- way when I was knitting and couldn’t figure out why it was such a struggle. Fortunately, market bags don’t really require that I actually do a very good job.