This knitting is addictive!

Okay, I was up WAY too late last night knitting (well, I guess technically it was early this morning…), and I’m only working on my practice stuff for my beginner class. I haven’t even started a “real project” yet!

I think I’ll be in trouble when I start my first project…I’m being sucked in and I won’t be able to put it down.

What fun!

Nyuk, nyuk. I can soooo relate. :mrgreen:

The only way I can get myself to bed earlier is by telling myself that the sooner I get to bed, the more I’ll be able to knit in the morning! There’s so much I want to try my hand at in knitting, and I only have so much time, and only two hands. :x:

:roflhard: OK so up until about a month ago, I used to play world of warcraft obsessively until the small hours of the morning. I quit and went ‘cold turkey’ but took up knitting again - I’d last knitted around 20 years ago. Initially I had early nights, now I find myself staying up later than I did when I was playing WoW :XX:

Amazing isn’t it? Be prepared to bore everyone silly talking about it next. :oops:
(then remember that we :heart: hearing about it :wink: )

And just wait until you discover the joy of getting yarn in the mail!!

:smiley: Oh, baby…Ingrid is soooooo right…u grow to love seeing the mail/UPS/FedEx truck coming :thumbsup: For instance, last night I ordered 2 balls of this yummilicious Opal yarn from our wonderful Kemp’s Store (ordered it last nite-it was shipped today :thumbsup: ) and today I ordered yarn from Elann to knit a top for my sister…so I will begin to stalk the mailman shortly :roflhard: :rofling:

Yup…knitting is addictive all right, and so is buying yarn. I think I have enough sock yarn to make about 20 pairs of socks…it’s so easy to buy because you only need 1 or 2 skeins per pair and there are so many different kinds to try. And then there’s the non-sock yarn…I hope my DH doesn’t look in my closet… he’d faint if he knew how much yarn I have.

When it comes to bedtime…hmm I seem to be staying up later and later nowadays. I think it has something to do with the phrase…just a few more rows… :roflhard:

And don’t forget ebay. I trawl through yarn on there for hours. :happydance:

It is addictive. I’ve knit until my hands hurt, but didn’t want to stop!

OMGosh, u mentioned Ebay, well…I just bought some more sock yarn…great deal on Wildfoote…I couldn’t pass it up, it was hard to decide on 1 color, though. OMGoodness, I have enough sock yarn for way more than 20 pairs of socks :rollseyes: I’m hopelessy addicted. Now that I’ve found this new Ebay store with yummy deals on Lamb’s Pride and lots of goodies…i’m in trouble :roflhard: :rofling: …cannnn’’’'ttttt ssttoooppp bbbuyyying yyyyaarnnnn… :rofling: :roflhard:

Oh, gee thanks for linking that, Rebecca. I just spent the afternoon attempting to organize my stash, informing myself I was NOT going to buy more until I make a dent in what I have, and you go and post that link. :wall: :mrgreen:

Ha, That’s to funny. I do that too, I just have to finish it. :rollseyes:
And when i’m tired the next morning and someone asks why I stayed up late…they give this look :shock: when I tell them.

:happydance: oh yeah… I can’t wait to get new yarn in the mail or to stop by the Local Yarn Shop for yarn… I tell myself now you are just gonna look and touch the yarn… :rollseyes: it never works I always buy something even its only one skein of something… I use to stay up late knitting but now I make alot of mistakes and end up frogging in the morning so I try not to… its hard though when I have something to be done on a certain day… :blush:

I’m there right now! I ordered yarn and some needles to make this purse I have a pattern for and I’m all antsy waiting for it. I can’t wait to get started. :heart:

I am STILL up from last night. I figure I have stayed up this long, might as well stay awake. Problem is I don’t want to work now :slight_smile:
“I’d Rather Be Knitting” :lol:

What’s funny about this is that this time of day is supposed to be my bedtime. Most of the time on weekdays, I can’t go to sleep as soon as I get home because my toddlers are up, and my older girls are off to school. So I need to stay up “late”, and often manage it very well by either knitting on the couch, or knitting here at the computer while going through email, the forum here, and such!

something else that has become very addictive to me…I love that now on alot of sites you can pay for your pattern and then its e-mailed to ya… :rofling: no waiting for the mail man… :happydance:

:mrgreen: you’re welcome, renna :roflhard: :rofling: OMGoodness, I love those sites, too, dusti…I saw the Spearfish Socks pattern & had to get it…instant download :thumbsup: