This just cracked me up

We’ve had several people on here who have talked about knitting while drinking and their “Experiences” caused by that combination. I was checking out the MenKnit site Kemp referred us to (in this thread) that worked this time and found this link.

:roflhard: :roflhard: I think I need that shirt! :thumbsup:

Joel…I just went to the site again. Did you read about how their BB got hacked?? That stinks. Hope Amy is making some clean backups of all these thousands of posts.

I should never be allowed access to Cafepress sites… I could spend hours looking there. I just bought this shirt :rollseyes:

I’m fond of THIS one.

I have that one :oops:

I SOOOOO need the WoW widow shirt (DH is playing right now).

Solidarity sista!

I don’t get it

I didn’t get it either until I saw the shirt at cafe press…I gather Widow is a xbox/computer/whatever game from EA.


Actually, I did see that. It got hacked quite a while ago and they still haven’t gotten it cleaned up.

Actually, WoW stands for World of Warcraft, which is evidently a completely addicting (computer) game. Many a woman has lost her husband to that game, hence the shirt. I’d probably be lost myself, except my computer is much too slow to run any computer games with decent graphics. Heck, it even slows down when I try to play NES games.

I thought WOW stood for Women Of Wrestling . . .

Yeah - I was bit lost on the “WoW” shirt; I thought it was just a tasteless joke about people being happy as widows :oops: :oops: BUT … it’s funny with the computer game war-ground as the backdrop!! Maybe if they put W.o.W. Widow it might be less initially jolting. :??

It’s electronic heroin

Blast those elec’junkies!! :lol: (Well, I used to be one. But I’ve been clean and sober now for several years!)

the only thing I ever got into for a while was the sims…a friend of mine had it and I played once with her. After about a month though I was already sick of it.

i think i like that better (dh might too).

My husband plays WoW with some friends from grad school (since we’ve all kinda scattered around the country). They’ve gone so far as to get TeamSpeak so they can talk to each other while playing (better than the chat function I guess). The guy he plays with the most often, his wife also knits, spins, etc. We’re forming a support group.

My DH’s guild all have teamspeak :rollseyes: as if it wern’t annoying enough now I have to listen to all of them all night!