This is what I am working on right now

I JUST posted 4 of my finished projects , now i will post what i am working on lol…ENJOY.
TinkerCat :XX:

:cheering: Very pretty!! Just looked at your other items as well you did a wonderful job :thumbsup:

I’m sure she’ll just love it!! Nice work! :slight_smile:

Great job - love the colors!

Thank you so much,and i hope she will like it lol I am going to suprise her with this gift. I met her in a group and she mails me stickers and such all the time and i can never afford to send her anything , so i am making her the scarf. I hope everyone has had a great day, thank you once again and have a great afternoon.
aka TinkerCat :XX:

Be-U-tiful colors! Im sure your friend will love it! :thumbsup:

Love that yarn. Sometimes I feel I am missing out on scarf wearing here in florida especially when I see all the cool ones everyone makes.

You should go and see the scarfs I finished i posted them. The blue i made for me, I thought SELF it gets cold here in OHIO YOU NEED A SCARF lol. Next for ME are Mittens. Right now i am TRYING to make baby socks. I for some reason can not mack socks from ankle down lol. SO i thought baby socks ankle down will be my trial AGAIN lol.
Vanessa :XX:

CUTE scarfs! And, I always like all of your little quiz links…Im about to get lost in those right now.