This is WEIRD!

Well, today, I was on the phone and this girl drove up and just sat there in front of our house. She had a dog with her and was just staring. I told all the kids to get in the house, cuz I didn’t know who she was and people these days, you never know! Well, a few minutes later, she walks out with the dog. I asked her if I could help her and she asks us if the dog was ours. I said no. the weird thing is, is that the dog is a Golden Retriever, just like our puppy was. Another thing is that the girl who found him in the middle of the road, was calling him “Buddy”. She asked us if we could watch him as her dogs don’t like him and that she will continue to look for his owners. This is just weird! The kids are in love with him and I told them that he’s not ours and that we’re just taking care of him.

Wow, sounds like something is meant to be. I just read your sad`posting about your dog Buddy. Feel so bad for you as losing a pet is sp hard, but maybe this is a new beginning for your family.

Oh, gosh, Hygiene Mama, that gave me goose bumps. Like something meant to be. Of course, if he is lost (wonder if he has a chip) I realize you would want him back with his family - but? Keep us posted, please.

:noway: Wow, that is weird!


Really weird!

Doggie angel??? Yes, do keep us posted!

I will. I just still can’t believe this. I put an ad in the paper and will put out flyers in the morning. He’s a great dog. We think he’s about a year old. He loves to play catch and he has gas A LOT! I’m going to call the vet tomorrow to check to see if he’s got a microchip. Lily, our 8 year old daughter, was really upset tonight because we’ve been calling this dog, “Buddy”, because he comes to it. She said that she doesn’t like that we call our pup, the “Other Buddy”. She’s still so sad about our puppy. So, I will keep you posted on the puppy drama going on here. Thank you for your thoughts and kind words through this whole ordeal!:muah:

That is pretty weird! I sure hope it works out for you. Maybe if you decide to keep him, rename him something that rhymes with buddy so your daughter isn’t so upset?

Maybe you could try calling him “Baby” or something that to him would sound a lot like “Buddy”, but be different enough so that your daughter isn’t upset.

I do think “Other Buddy” was sent to you for a reason…and I don’t necessarily mean that he is meant to become a part of your family to fulfill that reason. Maybe that’s his purpose (if you can’t find his owner), or maybe his purpose is to show your kids that they might not be quite ready to get another puppy to replace Buddy. “Other Buddy” being there has shown them what it would be like to bring in another dog - and that no matter what dog they get, he/she will never be “another Buddy”. Maybe he’s to help them comes to term with ther grief and to give them time to process it instead of rushing out for another pup.

2 years ago, on the 4th of July, we had a Golden Retriever show up at our house. At first we thought ours had gotten out of the house, but couldn’t figure out how. We caught the dog (who was scared to death of the fireworks going off) and realized it wasn’t ours. My husband thought he knew where the dog belonged (he’d seen Goldens while walking our dog), but none of the places turned out to be the dog’s home. We put ads on the radio, in the newspaper, called the shelter to let them know we had him, called the vets to let them know…and no one ever claimed him. Our Golden is a spayed female, and other than a couple of spats in the very beginning over food - Marley, as we came to call him was VERY protective of his food…for about 3 days. I think he’d been on his own for a while, or was somewhere where he had to fight for his share, but once he realized that he was going to be fed, that stopped (in fact, when they finished eating, they’d switch bowls to make sure the other was licked clean. LOL!) they bonded immediately. We took them both to work with us, and every so often in a big open area there would be a “wrestling match”…very funny to watch, and they always kept it playful - never hurting each other. They adored each other. Over that Labor Day weekend, we noticed he was acting strange, so we called the vet on Saturday. Marley wasn’t able to keep anything down, and we knew he’d dehydrate if we tried to keep him at home. We took him in and they said they’d keep him over the weekend and observe him. I remember that Labor Day was Sept. 4 that year…at 8:30 that evening, the vet called to tell us Marley had passed away. He had a massive internal bleed that nobody had detected. We had Marley 2 months almost to the minute. He came into our lives around 8:30 on July 4, and left us around 8:30 on Sept. 4. He was an awesome dog - calm, friendly, mellow, happy, playful…we, and our other dog, miss him to this day. I don’t know what his life was before, but I do know he had a very good last two months. I haven’t figured out what he was supposed to teach me…or maybe his purpose was just to have a kind, safe, last two months of life…

Gosh, Sandy, I read your other post about the Buddy the First and was so sad to hear about it that I couldn’t even post a comment. This story is really strange. What will you do if the owner can’t be found?


Explain to your daughter that just like people have the same names so do dogs. Maybe you could call him Buddy Two for now? Or just Bud?

I firmly believe most things happen for a reason. When I got my second dog I was oppossed to the idea and yet when my dad walked me into the shelter I saw my boy and took him home. We had been there a couple of times and never gone home with anyone.
Dogs are not necessarily attached to there names as people are - they hear inflections in your voice. I have changed the name of all my dogs as I bring them home from the shelter. If the kids don’t like Buddy (which I fully understand) try something like Lucky…it has the same inflection and I wager a guess that if you say Lucky and treat him for looking at you when you say the new name he will quickly catch on. Of course, I wouldn’t change his name until a couple of weeks have gone by and you have him vet checked.
Hope it all works out for the best :woot:

I agree. I think Lucky is a good name for more than one reason. :hug:

That is weird, but lovely. Perhaps you could call him “O.B.” (Other Buddy?). And, also, Obie, as in Kenobi (my geek Star Wars reference!). Being that young, he’ll come to anything you call him as long as it’s consistent.

I hope it all works out in whatever way is best for you all. Perhaps, Buddy IS a doggie angel and knows that this little guy would have a great home with you.

Love to you all.:heart: :hug:

That IS strange, but lovely too… I loke the idea of calling him Lucky too…

I’m not sure yet. dh and I talked and he said he’s still so sad about our pup that he can’t see replacing him, but he may have a change of heart. This dog is a good dog. We placed an ad in the paper and I printed flyers and put them in all the neighborhood mailboxes. We’re bringing him to the vet tomorrow to see if he’s got a microchip. I called the shelters and vets and they have his description down. I don’t know what else to do!?

Do you have a local radio station that does lost and found pet reports? That would be the only other tihng I could think of.

You mentioned he has gas a lot…it could be possible that his owners didn’t want to deal with it and turned him loose, but it’s also possible he just wandered away from home.

What never fails to surprise me is the people who lose a pet and don’t bother to try and find it - like it’s either going to just come home, or they expect whoever finds it to post ads, etc. Why don’t they do something to try and find their pet? (And I’m not just talking about Buddy 2, I’m talking about the many, many dogs I have had show up at my house over the years that I’ve either ended up adopting or finding new homes for. In each case, I ran ads, made phone calls, and nobody appeared to be looking for these animals!!! It just shocks the heck out of me!!!)

Sandy, it seems like you’ve done all you can to find his owners. I do hope you and your family decide to keep him, he seems ‘heaven sent’.

Way off on a tangent here, but is there any possibility that this woman that was outside of your house in the car with the dog somehow knew about your other puppy passing? Like for instance she’s a friend of a friend or something? I’m thinking that there’s a possibility that she wanted to find another owner for the dog and you guys were the perfect pick. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, it just seems a little odd that she was outside of your house, in a car, staring and then said she couldn’t keep him, etc. and left him with you. Has she ever contacted you again?
Anyway, good luck with it all, really sorry about your puppy, that story is heartbreaking.:hug: