This is VERY COOL Yarn!

What a great dye job!!!:star:

I believe it’s fortissimo which make 1776. Superwash sock yarn self-striping flag print.

And it’s considerably cheaper. Wowza 50 bucks!!!

I think her dye job is much better than the 1776, and while it may cost $50 for the order, that amount is enough for two full pairs of socks.

I found Fortissima at $16 per ball so its only about $9 cheaper per pair.

I just thought it was very cool.

i do like her dye job better too. i was reading her listing, and at first i was surprised by the price, but then realized it was for 2 skeins of ovr 400 yrds, and it seems it was a custom order too. so, 25 a piece, not a bad price for handdyed custom yarn ;)!

Considering most sock yarns Ive seen on Etsy are 20-23 bucks a skien…

Totally good I think…

stupid typos…I cant type worth a poo today. Time to knit.

$50 is cheaper?? :passedout:

her listing says “[I]Each skein is 460 yards which is plenty for a pair of socks (so this listing is enough for 2 pair[/I]” so its $25 for a pair, which seems to be on par for a lot of indie dyers, and its very generous yardage. as for me, i do like her version better, but i’ll just buy the fortissima from my lys :mrgreen:

No doubt it’s very pretty yarn, but even with my fluffy feet and ankles, long (8") cuffs and foot (sz91/2) I’d have left overs. And it would kill me to have that much yarn that I had spent so much money on. Maybe it would be put to better use on something besides socks.

that is a GREAT point!!!

That’s beautiful! I would love having the extra yarn. But then, I’ve got plans to put together the leftovers I have into little footie socks for my kids.