"This is only a chart" - question

When this pattern http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/big-strip-o-bacon says it’s “only a chart” does that mean I would have to figure out increases and decreases myself? I ‘think’ I could probably do it if that were the case, but I don’t want to pay $5 just to be completely disappointing.

I really want to make this as a surprise for a friend who’s longed for a bacon scarf/shawl since we were in high school. We saw someone wearing one once and the colors were so pretty you would have never known by looking at it wrapped around her shoulders that it was a giant piece of bacon (SO fun imo).

Thanks to anyone who might know!!! :oD

You could email the designer and ask. I’m thinking she means it’s a color chart, where to change colors to get the picture.

It’s an… interesting pattern.

Have you seen this free bacon scarf from anticraft?

$5 seems like a lot for just the chart, seems like the designer could have taken a bit more time to make it a real pattern. Did you read her comments from her blog? It’s crochet, but if it’s a chart I guess you could knit it…?

Yeah, I agree Sue. If I didn’t know how much joy it would bring to her (she’s a VERY eccentric artist-y type), I don’t know that I’d ever give it a second thought ;o)

Yeah I saw that one Marilyn, and after reading notes on Ravelry from people who bought the $5 chart it sounds like it would be a LOT of work on my end.

I think I’ll try the other pattern and maybe put a third color in on some of the darker spots :o)

I’m thinking burgundy, dark pink and cream.

Click on the “Projects” tab on the pattern page and read the comments. The “pattern” is just for the color changes and not the increases or decreases. And don’t forget the liquid smoke!

The other problem is that knitting and crochet charts are different. Because of the width vs height of knitting stitches, the graph paper used for knitting patterns is made of of horizontal rectangles, instead of squares. So they images won’t translate exactly. Shame, because it looks fun.

Wow…I have never seen anything like this before! I am fairly new to knitting - 1 year or so. Thanks for posting. I am learning a lot from the members of this forum.

On the other hand, it is only $5. I’ve spent more or less on silly things before, knitting and non-knitting related.