This is new to me

I’ve been knitting for about a year now and I just came upon a pattern that calls for me to “cast on 2 sts at the beginning of row” which cast on method should I use for this? Everything I’ve tried seems to leave horrible edges and sticks out like a sore thumb. what am I doing wrong?

Are you doing the knit or cable co? Some help in the Basic Tech info above if you’ve not checked that out.


I’ve tried both and they all leave a horrible looking edge!

I have a pattern that calls to CO 2 sts at the beginning of row, but its a purl row. should I do the knit on cast on, but purl into the sts and slip it back onto the left needle purl wise? I don’t know what to do…help!

You can knit or purl the `knitted’ cast on, it won’t be noticeable when you’re finished.


The other basic cast-on that doesn’t use two strands is the backwards loop cast-on. I don’t like it and the consensus seems to be that it’s difficult to knit from it evenly but that won’t matter with two stitches right? Thinking about it, it doesn’t have such a thick edge so you may love it for this application.


I tried that too. it left very weird, uneven edges and also looked bad. I altered the pattern a little, so instead of casting on at the beginning of the row, I am purling one, making one in between sts, then purling one, then making another. It is turning out perfectly!

I am following a pattern that says to do just that also. I just knitted on 2 sts on the knit rows and I did something similar for the purl rows, but I purled them on instead of knitting them on. The edge looks a TAD funny, but I will go back and fix the tension later when seaming. Thanks for your input also though. I thought about doing that, but I didn’t.