This is my first time following a pattern and I'm confused, help?

I’m doing a Knit a row then (WS) K3 Purl till last three stitches then K3. Well is says to knit till the scarf reaches 48’ and you have the WS facing. Does that mean that I’ve done the K3 P17 K3 row? or that I’m about to do that row?

This type of wording always confuses me too. I think it means you’re about to work that row. What’s the next line say?

To knit 4 rows then Cast off knitwise. Thank you for the help.

Okay, then when you’ve finished a RS row, go ahead and knit those 4 rows.

thank you again. This has been super helpful.

WS means you have the wrong side facing you when you start that k3 p17 k3. Why it says that on a scarf is confusing. Its usually used on jumpers and such. The WS(wrong side) being the inside of the jumper.

Well, there’s still a RS and WS to a scarf - the ws would be the one with the purls over the center stitches.