This is kinda weird

I received a Happy Birthday email from Amy and Sheldon today (Thank you very much for that!) but I am not on the list down at the bottom of the first screen here:think:. I just thought that was kinda weird…

If you didn’t mention it, like at any time where they could have marked it down, then they are psychic!!:yay:

[COLOR=Silver]They have the power…[/COLOR]:psst:


Happy Birthday! :yay:

Happy birthday!

I love that Happy Birthday gif, and the rose as your avatar.
Did you make them, or copy ? If copy, where did u get the rose?

:cheering: :muah: Happy Birthday, hope you have a lovely day.

:muah:Happy Birthday! :balloons:

Happy Birthday!! :present:

Happy birthday! Hope you have a lovely day :present:

Day late sooooooooooo sorry hope you had a great day:balloons::balloons::present::present: