This Is How I Knit

After reading through many of the posts in which different knitting styles are discussed I thought it would be interesting to see how we all knit! So, I made a short video of me knitting (special repeated appearance by my son…lol)

Do you actually accomplish any knitting? I mean with your little one clammoring for his share of the attention and all! :roflhard:

Honda Wiki

That’s pretty much how I knit, though I don’t have a `production assistant’ hanging around…

You knit just exactly like me. What a silly kiddo you have, lol. :teehee:

:teehee: Believe it or not, i actually do! Most of the time he doesn’t interrupt me so much, but, when the camera is out, the kids just HAVE to make their debut…haha


Same here. :wink:

Oh, forgot to mention in my original post that if you have videos or want to make one, please share, I love seeing the different ways each knitter knits!

I’ll have to see if my camera takes okay movies, if so then I’ll share one.

When I tried English it didn’t work anywhere near that smooth. That doesn’t look as bad as when I tried it.

I threw this one together.
It’s double knitting socks. My regular knitting is basically the same but only using the index finger and moving it like the middle finger.

I had it lightened up but when You tube processed it they made it dark again.
Maybe I’ll mess around with it tomorrow.

ETA, the watermark on the video is from the compression program I’m trying, it’s for me to buy not you.

Your youtube video clip should have been titled: “This is how I parent!” [Patient & loving!]

Thanks for the link! I enjoyed it, and I found a few others that were very good too!

Love the videos. my kids are the same, as soon as the camera is out they all line up and pose or put a toy in front of the lens etc etc.

Mike when I watched your video there was some sort of writing in front of it and said I could get rid of the writing if I purchased some program or other. Well I did not buy the program, was just wondering if it has to do with your video or my computer. Never had that before.

Don’t have a camcorder at the moment so can’t share.

My knitting is like Demonica’s, complete with the occasional “help” from my 4-year-old helper LOL.

She likes to put her face right into my knitting, and then I stop because I’m afraid of poking her eye out.

I am also in Demonica’s camp - well, minus the cute as can be assistant.

I also knit similarly to Demonica, however my DD is now 11 so I don’t have the same parenting issues.

Karina: my computer had the same message on that video as well. I’ve never seen it before so I didn’t watch the entire video.

I don’t knit like ANYBODY here.:waah: All the videos have people with the yarn wrapped around their fingers in some way…and I don’t know how to do that. My teacher never taught me how to do it. So, my working yarn is basically laying there and I literally pick it up and throw it…no “wrapping” involved.

Now I need to learn how to get the yarn around my fingers, and wrap it so it moves fluidly and doesn’t get “stuck”. I think it would be a lot quicker (and a LOT easier on my shoulder!) than the way I do it.

Is the wrapping bit hard to learn if you’ve knit for years without using it???

I don’t think it would be hard to pick up the wraping style of knitting but like any new thing it would just take a while for it to become habit. There are lots of different wrapping styles and people just use the one that suits them or how they were originally taught.

Any of the how-to knitting books will show the basic wrap style and you could check out the videos on this site.

Give a try and see if you like it. Good luck.:clink:

miccisue have you watched the videos on KH Amy have made both English and continental knitting videos. I do continental and can’t for the life of me get my head around English.

I throw as well, but don’t wrap in that way… I just hold the yarn between my thumb and index finger and it gives me complete tension control… unfortunately it also slows me down and I have to take more frequent breaks because of the position of my fingers - but it works for me. :slight_smile:

BTW- Love the kiddo! My 3 yo daughter is about the same way. I gave her scrap yarn and one of my looms and she just wraps yarn in random patterns around the loom while I knit. That way, she ‘knits’ too and we make a game out of it.

Patience…I say it takes lots trying to tape with your assistant! Great thread!!!

I also knit like Demonica, except that my left hand pretty much does nothing and my right hand does all the work.

What are you knitting Demonica?