This is how I knit toes


I just wanted to post my method of doing toes, in case it would be to help for someone.


First I create in LibreOffice a spreadsheet with each cell having the width and height in the same proportion as my stitches. I write in half the amount of stitches (as upper and lower side is identical), so in this example I have a sock with 48 stitches.

Then I paint an oval and begin coloring the squares so it is following the oval. When knitting, I alternate the increases/decreases (increase for toe up, decrease for cuff down) between 1 stitch in and 3 stitches in from each side. This creates an almost seamless toe. The numbers to the right of the chart is like this: 0=no increase/decrease, 1=increase/decrease both after the first stitch and before the last stitch, 3=increase/decrease both after the third and when three stitches remains.


Good idea for beginning fingertip-to-wrist mittens too.


Looks like it could be very useful – thanks.