This is gonna take a LONG time

I don’t know if I am knitting slower than usual, but the sweater I am working on for DH is taking FOREVER. It is Avast from Knitty. I actually did the sleeves first (I was on a plane, didn’t want to p/u sts on a plane). When I did the cable band, I replaced it with a double helix/DNA pattern. Then I picked up/increased to the number of sts the body will be - 217.

It takes me 15 minutes to complete a row :frowning: There are about 7 rows per inch. That is 105 minutes per inch. I have 10 inches to go, which is 17.5 HOURS!!! And then I have to shape the armholes, assemble, AND sew on a zipper.

Oh well, at least I am not having to frog the body the way I kept having to frog the cable band and sleeves (somebody wasn’t reading the pattern correctly, and when she was, she kept spacing out!)

And at least I am using cashmere, which is soft and doesn’t fight me. It splits a little, but I’ll forgive it that.

BUT FIFTEEN HOURS of just stockinette!!! I am wishing I had a knitting machine… (if that would even work in this situation…)

You’ll get it!! It could be worse… it could be an afghan!!

I’ve got this one planned for November 29th (Our anniversary and his birthday.) The reason I haven’t done it yet is all the stockinette. I’m going to Netflix my favorite tv series and sit down for a marathon one weekend and do it. Makes it fun that way.

At least Avast doesn’t have loads of finishing! You’ll get there!