This is frustrating

I started knitting last week and I keep unravelling my work and starting over because my ends are sooooo loose. I’ve tried pulling, tugging, even some magic straight from Harry Potter, but it’s just not working. What am I doing wrong? Here’s a pic:

Sorry for the not so stellar quality.

The first stitch on everyone’s knitting is looser than the others. It’s only attached to another stitch on one side.

On your next row, you can really pull that first stitch tight–almost to the point that it wraps around the needle.

Another thing you can do is to slip the first stitch of each row without knitting it. This will make for a smoother edge.

Don’t rip out your knitting for a loose loop. In the long run, it all blends together and you don’t even notice.

You just started knitting last week? Don’t expect perfection–just keep knitting and everything will get better! :wink:

Ingrid said what I was going to…quit ripping it out. Somehow those loose ends always seem to fit in eventually and if they don’t you will get better as you knit more. Your tension will even out, too. Keep practicing! :smiley:

:frowning: I get no pic, just the red [color=red]x[/color] :frowning:

Thanks guys! I’m finding that the needles I’m using annoy me, lol. I need to go to the LYS and get some neat supplies for my knitting future. I’m looking at some wooden ones. Those seem to be more friendly to me.

As I was knitting this evening, I noticed my large loop at the end of each row. I also notice that it disappears as I do more rows.

I just got a red X too…weird.

I think if you right click on the x and click on view image, it will come up. I can see it fine.

Right clicking doesn’t work here :frowning:

:thinking: It’s a picture of the big last loop.