This is bad.....KH anniversary offshoot

Ok, I admit,I am a serious lurker. I was one of the REAL early folks on KH, matter of fact I emailed Amy asking for private lessons (this was pre-videos) and I started a sweater then…LAST NOVEMBER!!! I think we all know where I am going with this…IT IS NOT DONE!!!
The second sleeve is on my needles, But darn it I MUST finish it!!! I only just now realized that its BEEN A WHOLE YEAR!! I have finished a few quick scarves and stuff but I must wrap up the “yankee knitter” sweater!!!

Please help me…I am ashamed to admit its a toddler sweater too :rollseyes:
Chris in RI

:roflhard: Now THAT’S honesty!! :roflhard:

Don’t feel bad Chris! (about stalling on a project, OR about lurking! :wink: Always nice to see you!)

See that picture of me on the front page, knitting a stripy thing? It’s a felted bag, and even though it was mostly done when I took that picture in the Spring, I haven’t touched it since I took that picture!

Have no guilt! It’s all about having fun. :thumbsup: