This is all too exciting!

First off, I finally got my new computer…so now I am in the process of setting up my blog at It has certainly taken away from my knitting time with all the work required in that.

The MOST exciting thing though is that my dh bought a Boye Needlemaster set for me! :slight_smile: Major kudos to him! I also have 8 skeins of orange Lamb’s Pride awaiting cast on for a hoodie. (The one out of Hip to Knit) I am still working on a tank top though, so for the first time I may start a project before I finish another. (with the exception of a sock in my bag at all times)

This is all too much! I just had to share with people who would understand and not try to send me to the crazy house. :lol:

Woohoo!!! On all fronts!!!


Well done Yarn Momma! I LOVE the name of your blog! How cool is that! Lucky you with the Needlemaster set. I’m finding needles darn hard to find here, I’m jealous!

Can’t wait to see your hoodie :slight_smile:

If you’re going to the crazy house, you better stop and pick me up on the way there because my DH also just gave me the Boye NeedleMaster, for Christmas.
He’s the best :smiley:

Seems like alot of people are grabbing Boye sets! :slight_smile:

Egeria, I was going to call it…but dh (quite rightly) said it was terribly lame…so I tried to think of names. I ended up on my favorite book series, and ended up with the name (glad I didn’t go with oy) I heart C.S. Lewis, so it ended up being perfect. (My relatives are quite happy that I have gotten motivated with posting pics also. lol)

Oh wow, YarnMommy! I didn’t notice your blog name in your first post. I agree! LOVE the name!!! Great pics on your blog. Looks like you’ve been busy knitting! :slight_smile:

I’m working on a large felted bag, too. It’s going to take me FOREVER. I’m still working on the bottom of the bag, and I can’t believe how long it’s taking me. I’m experimenting with yarn, and I’m realizing I’d better do a test-felt swatch (a pocket for the bag), to make sure the yarns felt at the same rate. Dont want to waste all this yarn on such a huge bag, if it’s a botch felting job waiting to happen! Your bag is great. Love the handle.

My DH got me my first Boye Needlemaster set (an old set from eBay) a few years ago for my birthday, and I just got myself a second, modern set in December. Love them! :slight_smile:


That’s funny, cause I asked him for the Boye mostly because you had said that you loved it so much. :slight_smile: THANK YOU! 8)

I’m thinking about changing my username here…but not sure if I can without starting a new account. Any answer Amy?