This is a Vogue Knitting Mag BUMMER!

Just received the latest issue (Holiday 2008) of Vogue Knitting Magazine in the mail yesterday. I read through the entire thing asap.

There is a new HOT PICK item featured on page 8, called PICK YOUR KNITS with the associated link to the item located at

What a bummer. The link takes you to a blank white page that says:

[B] [I]COMING SOON. [/I][/B]

The Vogue issue really played it up [I]again[/I] at the top of page 19.
A full half-page ad!

The point is: knitclick lets you choose from hundreds of downloadable patterns…and also, if you want, create your own KnitBook. You pick the patterns, you personalize it, you chose from 3 formats (such as a lie-flat spiral binding)…and they print it and ship the book to you.

Well, it was a nice concept…but it isn’t there. :shrug: Too bad.

I [I]might[/I] [I]try[/I] a few more times. :pout:

Thanx for the heads up.

That sure is a dissapointment. :pout:
On a positive note, maybe the Ravelry peeps could get wind of this particular idea (of course changing it up to suit the ravelers), charge $, and raise funds for the site?

It would be pretty easy and probably a lot less expensive to do it yourself by printing out patterns you want and taking them to a print shop or your local business supply store. They will bind it very cheaply for you.

That’s prolly every true![/COLOR] :thumbsup:

I was just disappointed that they didn’t get their website up and running BEFORE heavily advertising in Vogue Knitting. Too bad for them! A little premature.

And this bespeaks the fact that they are INCREDIBLY NEW. How many other things will they offer and we’re their first guinea pigs!? :eyes:

Well, here I go again. I’m gonna try another stab at the website!

Nope. Still BLANK. :pout:

That’s a shame.

Some of these magazine require quite a lead time for print ads. They must have thought they’d be up and running by the time it went out, or they surely wouldn’t have wasted all that money on ads. :shrug:

They are probably a lot more adversely affected by this than we are. :wink:

Well I got curious. still nothing. It’s a neat idea and would make a cute gift.

Hey i just wrote vogue knitting to complain there is still a retailer listed in the back - but it has been closed forever! also wrote them how it is not fair the cover project gets no pattern! what did they have in mind by putting those knitted bracelets on the front and not including a pattern for even one!!!

Comparison story about the knitclick problem: knit one crochet too was advertising their new fiber Linus in June and had no intention of selling any until August! additionally, their featured pattern of the little boy with the fishes on the pullover? it does not come in an adult size - “they” suggest you buy the pattern and “adjust” it to fit an adult!

we need to remember that Vogue Knitting is like all the other glossy magazines - they have a “science” to putting things out there - the knitclick site probably won’t be ready until november! if Miranda Priestley was the editor, this kinda stuff wouldn’t happen!