This is a little harder than I thought

I am doing ths first.
I did my 38 cast on stitches, now, I’m on the first row of knit stitches. How is the best way to keep the loops on an even kieel? Most of them are a good tightness, not too tight, not loose, but, there are a few that I can see already that are loose.

It really just takes practice to learn even tension. Are you holding the yarn or let it hang loose? You will get a more even tension and can develop some speed if you hold the yarn, too.

Do you mean the loops of your caston? If you used the backward loop, they just hang loose, no matter what. If it’s another caston then it just takes practice. Same with knitting a row. We didn’t all get it right the first few times we tried something. Tension is something that develops with practice. So practice away!

It is on the knitting part. I am holding the yarn with pinky and forefinger. I kinda figured that I would be able to feel it after a while. Right now, I guess my brain is concentrating on in, over, around through. LOL

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You may want to try threading your yarn through your fingers. I do mine - over the index, under the middle, over the ring and under the pinkie off to the skein. Keep your fingers relaxed, not too tight.

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Okay, now what am I doing. When I start new line, I am finding some that look twisted on the left needle and hard to get right needle under it.

Make sure you pull the yarn kinda out to the side rather than let it go over the top of the needle. When it goes over the top, it pulls up the loop of the first stitch and makes it look like two stitches, so if you pull it off to the side, you can see the stitch you’re supposed to knit into.

I knitted oodles of washcloths when I first started knitting and they really DID help my tension. The only problem is that I don’t hold the yarn like you see everyone else hold it. I am a self-taught knitter and hold the yarn like you described - with my pointer finger and my thumb. It’s not as efficient, but my tension is perfect. I tried to hold it the way you [I]should[/I], but I had already knitted for a while this way and was so used to it, that I couldn’t get used to it any other way. Maybe I will try again some time to hold it the right way. But for now, I knit the way I do and it looks great.

just practice
practice makes perfect
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