This idea seemed to really work nicely-what do you think?

So…I hope I can explain this without going in circles…You know when you are doing a garment in the round, from the top down, and you separate to make armholes. At the bottom of the armhole you usually cast on a few stitches to each side and then re-join to knit the body in the round. The problem here is that there is a small hole at the first and last newly cast-on stitch. (At least for me).

This time, at each armhole, I cast on 2 more than the pattern said to, and worked my way on around. When I came to those newly cast-on stitches on the next row, I knit 2 tog with the with the last original stitch and the first cast on, and the last cast on and the first original stitch at the other end of the armhole.

Can anyone see what I’m saying here? It left me with an underarm without holes.

Yep, I often do something similar. Works well.

And there I thought I had made it up. Oh well, if it helps anybody else…

I know exactly what you mean and it’s a great idea! Very clever!:thumbsup:

Makes perfect sense to me and I think it’s a great idea!

Yup, I do that whenever knitting in the round, always add an extra stitch and knit two together. That does away with the wonky extra yarn that can cause a hole.

I don’t think there isn’t a technique or short cut that some knitter hasn’t thought of at some time. I thought I invented Magic loop about 30 years ago only I wasn’t clever enough to name it and write a book on it to distribute to knitters everywhere.

You should post this in the Knitter’s Tips and Tricks thread here:

That way it will stay in a stickied thread and not disappear off the page eventually. Even if it’s not something you thought up originally, I’m sure there are plenty of knitters reading this board who wouldn’t have run across that trick and now have another one in their knitting “arsenal”. :slight_smile:

That trick is what made me try it in the armhole situation. I’m just upset by that darn little hole every time!

Ooh, I shall have to remember this the next time I make a sweater! :slight_smile:

Have you seen the Ravelry thread on “tips that made you go “DUH””? A ton of posts, and oh so many things that really DO make you go “duh!”

Aw! Dontcha hate that?!!:wall:

I invented the double-seated shopping carts for grocery stores–but didn’t know who to talk to about it. Sigh…

Aw! Dontcha hate that?!!
I never knew that until about 4 years ago when I took up knitting again and found out about it on the internet. :shrug: Oh well, that’s life…

Yay! This is much better than the “weave in yarn down there to close up the holes” method that I use!

You still have to weave the tails in to close up some gapping at times. It depends on the pattern, and yarn, and gauge.

well, I have no idea how you would explain knitting in the round without going in circles :roflhard:

But your explaination of eliminating underarm holes was perfectly clear. :wink:

Thanks! :mrgreen:

What a great tip. I am doing a top down right now but am past that point. Next time I will definitely do that.