This has probably been done before, but

I’d like to know how everyone got their start in knitting. Years ago, my Grandmomma tried teaching all her granddaughters to crochet. We would all sit at her feet, watch, try to copy her every move. I couldn’t get past a single row (I was 8 and needless to say, I wanted to be outside playing football with my cousins). She would just smile and tell me to go play and tell me that patience would bring stitches. Now, since the summer of 2004, I’ve been teaching myself to knit in her honor (and yes I will teach myself to crochet as well). I have crochet dolies she made that I would never part with as long as I live. I am going to teach my 2 neices (7 and 8), but when they are ready.

My knitting story as well as some other people’s knitting stories are all in this thread :):

What’s your knitting story?

We had plenty of fun talking about our knitting stories :teehee:

I’d like to believe there’s a knitting gene!

My mom used to knit me all sorts of winter caps when I was a kid, and before that she knitted sweaters, dresses for a neighbor girl, you name it.

When I was 13 I knitted a really ugly brown, white, and salmon pink scarf on handmedown needles and yarn and wore it with pride. However, I was convinced I knew all there was to know about knitting and found it a bore, so I ignored the whole thing until 30 years later – when I suddenly realized there’s WAY more to knitting than I ever dreamed!

Now I’m totally addicted, and when my mom and I get together we could talk for hours on end about knitting. It’s wonderful to have her experience and support, and I’m so glad I didn’t wait any longer than I already did to get back to knitting.

I’ve wanted to learn how to knit ever since I was 7 and saw my friends mom knitting. I should have asked her to teach me then, and I don’t know why I didn’t. In 2003 my best friend taught me how to crochet, and that made my desire to knit even stronger. But for some reason, I just stuck with crochet. Then, on Valentines day 2005, I was pregnant with dd, to distract me from the endless monotony of braxton hicks contractions DH and I decided to walk around Joanns. I saw a learn to knit kit, so I grabbed it and some yarn. I went home and within 20 mins I had learned a single cast-on and the knit stitch. It felt comfortable, and I caught on really quickly. I’ve been a hopeless knitting addict ever since.

btw- DD was born 4 days later.

My grandma taught me to knit when I was a kid, too. I used to love to sit and knit with her- not that I ever did anything complicated. Actually my favorite thing to do was make the little pom-poms. Anyway she is now 90 and living in a nursing home, dying of kidney failure, and I have all of her knitting stuff. So, I’ve taken it up again and am trying to learn to do some of the amazing things she used to do. I have some wonderful things that she knitted for me when I was a child, as well as things she has done for my girls. I guess it’s my way of honoring her and feeling connected to her, even though she won’t be here physically for much longer.

My knitting story is kinda intersting too. For the last ten years i have really gotten in to crafting. I always thought knitted items were so beautiful b/c they were handmade with :heart: .Anyway I took a class at Michaels and THOUGHT I had it down… but I got home and got completely confused about CO and ended up have a tight knotted mess that I finally gave up. About six months later I took the class again and this time it clicked… I began to CO and made a couple of simple garter stitch scarves and then one day googled k nitting and stumbled upon KH~
The rest as they say is HISTORY~! :happydance:

I have two very young kids and a husband who travels for work. I wanted to find something to do to help me chill out at night, after the kids go to bed when DH is out of town. So back in November 2006, I bought a Learn to Knit kit at Michael’s and spent the next two evenings learning how to cast on, knit and purl. I quickly became addicted, and here I am!!

i never wanted to learn to knit and honestly, it never even occured to me until i received a simple garter stitch scarf as a gift from my friend kk, who was a knitter. i fell in love with that scarf. i would study each stitch stretching it marveling that her own hands had made yarn intertwine to make fabric. i was suddenly totally enchanted with the idea of working with yarn and colors to make useful things.

so in jan of last year i went out and bought a ball of yarn i thought was pretty and two big needles (US 11) and found a site without videos but with detailed instructions and began. i spent about two nights in front of the computer with my yarn and needles studying the diagrams and trying to imitate them. as soon as i learned cast on and garter, i found this site and have learned everything else here. :heart: