This guage thing: wooden needles?

Ok. I’m about to start my 2nd sweater and 1st cardigan.
I have this very wooly sheepy wool and I just did a guage.
14 stitches & 20 rows is supposed to equal 4" but I got 4 1/2", maybe a tad more.

So I guess I’ve gotta go down. But I’m also wondering, I have a feeling using wooden needles like I did on this guage, with my knitting results in a looser bigger stitch. Anybody find that?

I’m NOT doing another guage! So instead of 10 1/2 needle I’ll use 10.
That sound ok?

For your swatch, don’t just CO 14 stitches, use at least 20 and measure the center 4". The end stitches are a different size than those in the middle and you may not get an accurate measurement. And sure, try it on the 10s.


Do another swatch! It’s totally worth it. I usually cast on for 20 stitches and knit for about ten rows, then lay it down and see what I’m getting so far. I measure in 2" increments, not 4", so I can measure a little sooner. Remember to count half stitches!

Oh ok I was being lazy. I just want to get started on this sweater like now! You’re right Aylaanne, I need to do another swatch. And yes, I wasn’t sure but now that you reminded me Suzie, 20 stitches is better. Amy taught me that ages ago and I just forgot it yesterday and cast on 14 stitches.