This goes for knitting too LOL

OMG! I’ve “watched” entire movies and when I looked up toward the end, I had no idea who anyone was!:rofl:

Maybe. I’m not addicted to knitting. I can put it down any time I want and walk away. I know it will be there when I come back. :mrgreen:

I like watching hulu because I pause and back up and pause and back up and pause…


it wouldn’t be so bad except my husband won’t answer me anymore when I say “wait, what happened? who’s that?” I try to explain to him that if I’m not knitting I will fall asleep…I haven’t had input in what we watch in 6yrs.

I used to be like that with crocheting. Now it’s knitting too. :roflhard: My husband hates when we watch tv together.

I find it too difficult to knit and watch “Sherlock” with Benedict Cumberbatch! :teehee:

I’m the same way with my knitting and crocheting and watching tv. Unless it’s like a super easy pattern. Luckily I’m just working on a simple feather and fan scarf right now so I’m actually somewhat able to pay attention lol

I’m not at the point yet in my knitting skills that I can “watch” tv and knit at the same time unless it’s just simply knit ant purl. However, my DH keeps telling me that I stop in the middle of a conversation with him and not answer him when I’m concentrating on knitting. Bugs him to no end. Or when I tell him I’ll go do… when I’ve finished this next row, section, whatever. :knitting:

My older grandsons used to preface their requests with "When you’re finished with this row, could you. . . ". The current little one (2 1/2) justs pulls on the yarn and needles so I’ve had to cut back dramatically. :shrug:

My two year old picks the skein off the floor (I put it there) and hands it to me. Also, he looooves any scrap of merino yarn. My two month old daughter is mesmerized by my knitting. :slight_smile: