This doesn't look right?

I have to sew the sleeves onto the sweater (this pattern) and it just doesn’t look right. I know I haven’t pinned it, but I’m not sure how to go about making it fit, since the opening of the sleeve looks so much bigger than the sleeve itself?

All the pattern says is to sew the sleeves, so maybe it’s supposed to be like that :?? :shrug:

It does look smaller…did your gauge change on the sleeve if you measure it? Can you stretch the sleeve to mach the opening?

It sure does look way too small. Are you positive you didn’t skip any of the sleeve instructions? Maybe you should re-knit the sleeves, putting in more rows after the bound off section before decreasing in the top 2".

How many rows are at the bottom of the sleeve(underarm)? Is it possible that it’s a cap sleeve and doesn’t connect all the way around?

One solution would be to undo the shoulder seam and take up, easing out to the shoulder from the neck, making the sleeve opening a bit smaller.

I wouldn’t try making the sleeve fit, it will draw on the cap and separate the sts too much. Don’t you hate it when this kind of thing happens? It’s a super pretty sweater and you’ve done a very nice job on it!

The sleeve is so small, it would be easier to reknit just a few rows longer.

It is beautiful. I hope it’s easy to fix!

My gauge is the same as for the sweater, so that’s not it. The 2 sleeves came out the same, and I don’t think I could have skipped instructions on both, especially since all the measurements fit. They are cap sleeves if that makes a difference. But all it says about it is “[B][I]Dec 1 st for sleeve caps (inside 2 edge sts) at each side every other row 4-[U]4[/U]-3-8 (12-11-11) times…[/I][/B]”. Also the total length of the sleeve matches what they say.

I think I’ll measure the opening for the sleeve, then cast on the sts I need to fit in that opening…

Wenda, when I say, Cap Sleeve, these are examples I’m referring to, they don’t actually have an underarm seam.

However, I agree whole heartedly with Suzeeq, they are so small that you could frog the originals and remake them larger.

Wenda, when I say, Cap Sleeve, these are examples I’m referring to, they don’t actually have an underarm seam.

Uh huh, not the sleeve cap, a cap sleeve. Start sewing them in from the top to as far down the armhole as they reach, then just leave the rest of the body armhole bare.

I’ve decided to put this project aside and do another one for the moment. I’m too confused for the moment, so I figure that by taking a break I might come back and have a brilliant flash of understanding LOL. I’ve also been tempted to undo the whole danged thing and modify the Little Miss Strawberry sweater into short sleeves LOL.

We’ll see what I decide to do next week…