This doesn´t look right

I´m working on this shrug:

and I´m at the point of the first set of increasing rows. The first row says to “K3, yo, then work in patt…” but the pattern is “yo, K2tog”.

After trying to do exactly as they said, which meant 2 YO together ( so I just wound the yarn around the needle two times ), I worked through the second row of increase as stated, I have the correct number of stitches, but it left a “hole” in the pattern. Am I doing something wrong or leaving something out? What can I do to correct this?



I don’t think you are doning anything wrong.

Normally a yo does leave a whole, this will be part of the pattern.


Yes…as ritaw suggests…that hole is intended. When you look at the link and click on the smaller image and enlarge you can see the holes or spaces that you are creating.

Ok, I have only had 2 sips of my coffee so I may be foggy this morning but “yo, k2tog” means “[B]bring the yarn over your needle then, knit the next 2 stitches together[/B]” not “[B]make 2 yarn overs[/B]”

Yes, a yarn over will result in an extra stitch and a hole but 2 yarnovers will give you a bigger hole. That is not what your directions are asking for.


I realize that there should be a hole, but this is a HOLE!!! I will try to include a pic:

hope it works…


They’re using the yo as an increase, so you probably could do a m1 there instead.:shrug:

Thanks Ingrid! Now, off to figure out what and M1 is…:thumbsup:

I just went into the “Basic Techniques” here on KH, and I¨m thinking that a YO and M1 are the same thing ( I didn´t watch the video, with my dial-up I can´t always do that… ) But I think the problem is that I have 2 YO´s in a row in the first increase row, and the second row has a YO followed by a K1. could that be it?


A m1 and yo are not made the same, though both are increases. For the m1 you lift up the yarn between two stitches and knit it through the back loop, causing it to be twisted so it doesn’t leave a hole, or not much of one compared to a YO. So on that first inc row, do another inc (you could try kfb, the bar increase) instead of the yo.


So then would I do the K3, kfb and then the YO with the pattern?

Thanks Sue!


Yeah, that would work, Karen.


I think the pattern reads funny and would just do the row as K3, yo k2tog repeat from * until last 3 stitches k3. I don’t think they intend there to be a double yarn over - that makes a very different type of stitch.

I thought that too, that it would make sense to go back to the pattern starting with the k2tog instead of the YO, but wasn’t sure it would make an extra stitch in the row.



As long as you have the same number of yo’s and k2tog’s, you should be OK and have the same number of stitches you began with at the end. Are you supposed to increase in that row, too??

For the size I´m making ( and possibly the others, I haven`t checked ) I´m supposed to be increasing 4 stitches over the two rows. If I do a YO then K1, I think it´s going to throw me off for the YO K2tog pattern. And if I do 2 YO, then I get the hole ( well, the bigger hole than called for… )

It´s probably something very simple, but I¨m thrown. :shock: I will try the Kfb tomorrow morning when I take it out again ( but will check back here again before I go to bed… )

Thanks everyone for the help - much appreciated!


Hey Karen,

Where did you get that pretty yarn? I only have a JoAnn’s to go here. So I don’t have that much to choose from.


As long as you have the same number of yo’s and k2tog’s, you should be OK and have the same number of stitches you began with at the end. Are you supposed to increase in that row, too??

Yes, it’s supposed to be an increase row.


SusanMarie, I bought it here in Spain. It´s two yarns knit together. The off-white is kind of funky - it´s like a gauze ( 75 percent cotton 25 percent polymide ? ) mixed with a varigated 100 percent ( percent key doesn`t work ) rayon. I figured with these colors, it should go with just about any top underneath…

Tried the Kfb this morning and it came out OK - phew… so I¨ve advanced a bit. Thanks for all your help you guys!!! :thumbsup: