This bugs me

…that I’m unable to knit the throw method. It looks easy but my brain goes “?!”

I have decided I will try harder to learn it!

Do you mean English style? I can knit English, purling is very hard. I can only knit English because I kept at it, I want to do color work and use both hands. It bugs me too. Why oh why can’t my right hand handle the yarn effectively?

Yes…English aka American aka Throw. I knit German aka Pick aka Continental.

I decided to c/o a small # of sts and practice le throw method. Turns out I can kinda do it but my fingers keep trying to knit the other way. Lol

I have the opposite problem. I can knit English I just can’t knit continental. I have tried and tried.

I’m just the opposite. I started out throwing but I wanted to try stranded color work, so I knew I had to learn to pick. I think it’s just a matter of taking your time and making use of as many resources as you have [strike]patience[/strike] the time for. That’s what I did to learn a new knitting style. And also LOTS of practice till it clicks lol. :slight_smile:

Aww :grphug:

I think we just have to keep working at it and then eventually we will get it. I am a crocheter so I am not sure why I can’t hold my yarn in the other hand :??

I learned English and its my go to method, but I taught myself continental for fair isle and ribbing. I’m pretty ambidextrous though so it wasn’t too difficult. English is still easier for me though.

It was probably awkward for you to learn continental at first, too. Practice, practice…

In this country most people say English/continental and it’s generally understood. I wouldn’t even know what American and German method were w/o looking it up.