This blanket is killing me! ARGH!

I’m in the process of seaming about 75 garter knitted squares to make a blanket and it is a nightmare to say the least. :hair: All the squares have been knitted by various people at school and since we haven’t specified any dimensions, some are as small as 10cm(4’’) square while others are huge 40cmx30cm (16’‘x12’’). I’ve just joined about 15 squares and they have increased the width at the bottom:gah: It doesn’t look like much when it’s laid flat, but totally noticeable when you fold it in half.

I’m not sure if blocking will help or if the edging that’s going to be added is going to help.

Does anyone have any tips on how to join these squares more evenly and less painfully?

Did you lay them out first before starting to seam? I would think that if you did that first, you could get the dimensions close to they way you want them. Then you would have to mark each square so you knew where it went. After that, a bit of blocking and you should be pretty good.

Definitely lay them all out till you get a look that you like. Don’t worry too much yet about the end shape while you’re laying it out, more about putting the right pieces together to look nice. Then, you can knit extra pieces of whatever size, shape, or color needed to make the sides even.

Sounds like a good project; is it for somebody special?

Thanks for your advice, I was getting worried because it looks so awkward with a wide bottom edge. Hopefully I can block it to the right dimensions/knit the pieces right to get everything square.

Oh, and this is one of the charity blankets that I’m working on. I didn’t knit too many of the squares for this one, so I decided I would do the seaming. I should have looked before I leapt to see what I was really getting myself into.