This bird has some crazy rhythm!

Turn up your sound.

that’s insane. For so many reasons! First, it was the Backstreet Boys (! Anyone else hear they are planning a comeback?) Second, that bird was ON BEAT! Third, did you see all the other cages in that room? Yikes!


That bird can “get up offa that thang” and “shake his bootie” pretty good!!! I loved it, thanks so much for the laugh!

That is one of my favorite videos! Always sure to make me laugh! I like at the end when he fluff his comb (?) like a rock star!

Thanks for posting this everytime I see it I laugh! :yay:

I think he has better rhythm than I do! :teehee:


thats awesome!

So I turned up the sound and played the clip. One of my dogs was sleeping, and she woke up when she heard it and went in search of the bird she kept hearing. Her ears were on “alert.” Every time that bird made a noise, Aubie (my dog) took off in another direction on her hunt.


That bird looked like Jerry Rice on Dancing with the Stars. :rofl:

Hahaha! :teehee: A laugh is just what I needed with all the crazy crap goin on in my life right now…Thanks for sharing!