Thinking of making these

Baby Uggs

It calls for a couple Berroco yarns. Has anyone made them out of anything else? Wondering if I can pick up something at Micheals or Joanns. I’d like to make them for someone I don’t know very well and I want them to be nice, but not spend a fortune on something I’ve never made before. Does that sound awful?

Lion Brand makes a suede and I’m sure I could find he plush, but…Lion Brands suede is bulky and Berroco’s is worsted.

Those are so cute! Sorry, no suggestions on yarn but I cannot wait to see them when you are done!

you could TRY knitting them with smaller needles and lion brand suede to see if you can get guage? I’d try doing that with one ball of yarn first. I just looked it up, myself.

oh yea heres a knit-a-long where you might find some answers

Well, The Lion Brand Suede is not going to work as a substitute as it is really thick, I’d say super bulky, and needs a big needle. I’ve used both that and the Berroco Suede, and the Berroco is much, much thinner yarn.
It might sound weird, but the Berroco Suede reminded me more of a chenille ribbon-style yarn (flat). The Lion Suede is thick and round like rope. Maybe you could try a worsted-weight chenille as a substitute.

Thanks for the KAL info, humblestumble.

That’s what I thought, Yvonne. I may have to just bite the bullet and get the Berroco. However I just saw on the KAL that nuno spent $30 on the supplies. I don’t think so. :rollseyes:

Lion Brand has worsted weight chenille yarns. There’s even a mocha colored one that looks to be about the color of the suede.

Would that work? :??

Thanks, Jenelle. I don’t know if it will work or not, I guess I just have to go to Michaels and take a look at it. Or feel it. :roflhard:


I think the chenille might work IF you’re used to knitting with chenille. It’s a lot easier to crochet with it!

Oh great… now I feel compelled to make some uggs for my baby nephew due in April!

I just bought some Lion Brand Suede in taupe and some Sensations Icee in off white for the Ugg Booties. The Icee is a feathery chenille and I think it work for the furry parts. We’ll see. :slight_smile:

Jan, are you going to modify the pattern to use the LB Suede? That’s pretty fat yarn.

I guess I’ll have to. I wasn’t paying close enough attention to gauge. I’m going to do a gauge swatch and see what I come up with. I could just go ahead and make them and then give them to a bigger baby.

:rollseyes: :roflhard:

Ugh. Okay, I tried making the booties with the Lion Brand suede. I used larger needles because the yarn is larger, but it’s just not going to work. It might be possible to get a size to fit a 4 or 5 yr old that way though. I also discovered that I do NOT like working with this suede! Maybe on something besides Denises, but I think it’s just the yarn. I"m going to bet some of the LB chenille and try them. That yarn is more the size of the recommended stuff. :rollseyes:

Perfect!!! That would fit my older nephew!! I looked at the LB chenille, and as long as you avoid the thick and quick, it should be near the same gague… Also there was some barnat yarn at Hobby Lobby that was a thinner suade

Yes, I was thinking I’ll try the thin Lion Chenille. I swear though by the time I spend all this money trying stuff I could have bought the recommended yarn! :roflhard:

About the sizing with suede… I can’t be positive on sizing. It looked like it would fit about a 4-5 yr old, BUT I don’t have one around anymore to see. They looked like they might be a little wide, but I just don’t know for sure.

No Hobby Lobby here so I’ll have to go to Michaels or Joanns. I know Joanns had it, but I am going to try Michaels since they are closer. I’ll let you know how it goes.

As I was reading this thread, Knitty Gritty started, and lo and behold, it was the baby UGG pattern!!! :smiley: How weird is that?

I ended up buying the yarn that the pattern called for from royal yarns just now! I’m excited. I do wish the yarn was cheaper though…

Good for you! I can’t wait to see them!

I finished these on vacation. I used the recommended yarn and they knit up SO fast!!! I think I might be able to get another pair out of the yarn as well…at least one pair…I love these!