Thinking of joining a KAL

Anyone starting a KAL that begins AFTER the holidays? I’m so busy right now, but would like to try a KAL. (Never tried one before.) Thanks in advance.

Joining a KAL is simple and although a few have some sort of rules the majority don’t. There are a ton of threads here you can join at any time and I’m positive there will be more. They are simply a group of people that want to knit the same thing so everyone kind of helps each other out. :thumbsup:

if you want to do a KAL where you get a different part of a pattern every so often, the “secret of the stole II” starts in january, but you have to sign up ahead of time. here’s the yahoo group, and there’s also a group on ravelry. it will be my first “organized” KAL, and also my first lace because i just haven’t had time to try it yet. it’s actually kind of a mystery KAL because you don’t actually know what it’s going to look like until it’s finished.

The Any sock KAL is set up where you can join whenever you are ready… you can join now and then start socks after the holiday… we are a chatty group that help each other with sock questions/patterns/yarn but also with other items we are working on :happydance:

I don’t know if I am ready for socks yet. Or shall I say, ‘sock worthy?’ I’m still intimadated by socks. :slight_smile: Maybe in a few months, though. Thanks. :slight_smile:

socks look hard but once you make that first one and see how they come together they are easy to make :teehee: …I hope you do join us when your ready :woot:

You could also try the 2008 year of the stash. You can work on whatever project you want, and can start whenever.

A few of have joined the “Dahlia” KAL from the Knitty Winter 2007 edition. We just started (I cast on tonight, but I think others are still choosing yarn), and would love for you to join us! :slight_smile:

You can also start your own KAL if there is something in particular you want to knit! Just post it, and if anyone else wants to do that project they will jump in with you.