Thinking ahead

I started making a pillow by casting 90 stitches onto straight needles. I thought the needles were pretty long, but apparently not long enough. I had to go buy circular needles and restart the project. No problem. I’m half done with with my pillow, but it’s made me think. Eventually I would like to do some afghans. I’m sure that requires a zillion stitches to be cast on - that wouldn’t even fit on the circular set I have. What exactly do you use when you are making a really huge project?

If it doesn’t fit on your set, you could either get a really long circ, or use two separate circs–used them as two regular needles–you can put rubberbands on the ends to keep the stitches from falling off.

As always, thank you, Ingrid!

Or you could just make squares and sew them together.