Thinking about sock knitting for spring... yarn suggestions?

I’m looking at lacy sock patterns for this spring, and was wondering if you had suggestions for good cotton-blend sock yarns, or at least yarns that are not as warm as 95% wool…

I CAN’T WAIT TILL SPRING!!! :happydance:

TIA! :muah:

Good question and I look forward to the responses as I was wondering the same thing. I’ve been drooling over the lacy socks in the new Spring edition of Knitty.

Any cotton blend is good for warmer weather. Trust me, I know… I live in Florida. :wink:

Regia Cotton Surf
Regia Cotton Tip & Top
Plymouth Sockotta
Fortissima Cotton
Lang Jawoll Cotton Blend Superwash (comes with a little spool of matching reinforcing thread for the toes and heels)
K1C2 Wick (not cotton… it’s a Soy blend that has really good wicking ability)

Crystal Palace also has a yarn that is cotton based with no wool called Panda Cotton. You can find it at the Loopy Ewe or Simply Sock Yarn Company if you shop online.

I have some Sinfonia in my stash. It’s a mercerized cotton, so it’s really slick and shiny. Would that work?

If it’s 100% cotton, I would highly recommend against it. Cotton socks sag terribly. I have made a pair with Sockotta from Plymouth (45% cotton, 40% wool, 15% nylon) and they’re not “hot” at all, but they do stay up well.

has anyone tried SWTC Tofutsies? they have pretty colors. I don’t have any experience with it but the site says it’s 50% wool. careful tho, there’s crab and shrimp shell material in it too, so beware if you have allergies.

I posted this the other day. I’m not sure if this is a pattern you would be interested in or not. The yarn they have listed isn’t something I’ve ever tried before but I’m seriously going to be making this during the spring/summer.

[color=indigo]I hated the yarn, but the socks are great and probably could be worn in a warm climate. I, however live in a hot climate and don’t ever wear socks in the summer.

Most people are allergic to shell fish meat that is ingested, not in the chitin from the shells.[/color]

google results for ‘regia bamboo’

i knit some socks for my mom with regia bamboo.
she doesn’t like her feet to be hot and said that the socks "breathe’ really nicely.

the yarn was really nice to work with. it’s soft and silky. delicious.