Thinking about Gauge

Philosophical question here: If the gauge states 16 st/24 rows for 4 inches, and I want to use a bulkier yarn that is 9 st/13 rows (essentially double) would it work to cut all the cast on, stitch numbers, rows and etc. in the pattern in half? It seems too simple to be true.

It’s `almost half’ over 4", but if you’re casting on 40" worth, it would probably be off quite a bit. What is it you’re looking at?

As suzeeq said, depends on the pattern. You might get away with such a reduction on something like an afghan where sizing isn’t critical. But if a garment, chances are the results could border on disastrous.

well, it’s a baby shrug recommended for blue sky alpacas dyed cotton and I was thinking about using Paton’s Allure which is classified as bulky. I already own it in the right color. The largest size on the pattern is 24 months, and the child is 2, so the slightly bigger than half gauge seemed plausible. This is the pattern:

Hey, try it out; with big yarn and needles it’ll go fast and if it’s not right you can easily rip out and try again.

Looking at the pattern, no smaller sz is essentially 1/2 of the 24 mos. IOW, the back measurement for 24 mos is 12.25" but just 10.25" for 3 mos. That’s a diff of approx 1/6th (not ~1/2). Even if you worked the smallest sz it could potentially end up quite large.

Just some rough, initial calcs (it’s late so not sure how accurate). With old gauge, your CO (16 sts/in) would be 6.25" but your new gauge would give you 11" (9 sts/in)! That’s a diff of 56%. Potentially the length of the garment would be half again as long as it’s intended to be (meaning not ending lower back but perhaps at bottom of derriere) unless you recalc the shaping, etc. I didn’t read thru all the st count options for the diff szs but just the CO alone you’ll be starting off much larger than I think you want it to be.

It looks to me as though it’s knit from wrist to wrist. This could be one where you knit by tape measure. Follow the pattern to convert its gauge to inches, then those inches to your gauge. It’s doable though.

ETA: Doh, if I’d actually read the description instead of just look at the picture…
It’s a top down raglan, so it should be easy to knit to the right size.