Think I can do this to KP Options?

The thing that is holding me back from Options is no short cable for hats.

I’m am sure I could remove one of their cables from the end(s) and either shorten it or replace it with fly line.

So the real question I have is are the needles short enough to allow for it to make 16" or even 18" circular? (I could even push close to the 24" length but that would limit me to hats for my big head.)
How short do you think they could go?

You can purchase the shorter length needles from them as well, they just aren’t interchangeable. Or use a longer cable and do it either Magic Loop or on two circs.

I’ll probably make a lot of hats including fashion hats for my great nieces so I’d have more use for a full set of 16" circulars than I’d end up needing a full set of 32" circulars for sweaters in the round.
So if I had to go that route it still leaves Options not a high priority.

As far as magic loop and/or 2 circulars go, I really don’t mind DPNs. If I’m at all stretched or cramped on the 16" circular I have now I have no issues switching to DPNs.
If I get Options they would be good techniques to have in the arsenal but I think all the sliding would get on my nerves.
I actually like DPNs enough that they are a very high priority.

They don’t make interchangeables shorter than 24" because the tips are too long to make a good circle. They sell fixed circulars for the smaller sizes. I bought the Options (and got a set of Harmonies for Christmas!) for stuff on 24 or longer cables, but bought a few of the shorter fixed circs for socks and hats. Personally, I wouldn’t buy something like that and start taking it apart to jerry-rig it…but that’s just me. The fixed are cheap enough that it would be easier to just buy them than mess with cutting and splicing on the longer tips.

In that case, I’d probably just buy the fixed ones that you need and skip the Options altogether.

I also make a lot of hats, so 16 inch circulars are my friends. The KP fixed circulars do have shorter needles. Think realistically about the sizes you would actually use for hats. Do you you use sport, worsted and bulky yarns? Fingering?

Instead of a “full set” of 16 inch needles, I would probably concentrate on the size I am most likely to use. I doubt I will be making on hats on needles smaller than 4s.


PS. I have some of the KP fixed circs and love them even more than the addi turbos. I’m a big fan of the pointy tips and low cost!

Hmmm, dang, for once that’s one reason I like my needlemaster set. I know, most knitters seem to loathe them (the stiff cables, sometimes yeah, are a pain in the rear) but, they do come in the shorter lengths and the smallest needle size for a needlemaster set is a, get this, a size 2. Besides, I like the pretty colors. But that’s just me. Options are nice, they are cheaper than the needlemaster, but dang, I’ve waited 30 years to get my set and no fancy schmancy, shiny new toy is gonna keep me from em. LOL!!!:roflhard: :whistle:

The smallest you can do with the Needlemaster is 20". That is usually too big for a hat.


That’s what I was thinking. I figured there must be a reason.

Personally, I wouldn’t buy something like that and start taking it apart to jerry-rig it…but that’s just me.

$4 and some glue to do exactly what the factory does. It sure beats the time and money I’d spend making a complete set from scratch. I’d probably break more than $4 in drill bits drilling the holes for the cables.

Cutting down the Harmonies to make them 16" is beyond where I’d go for rigging.

Realistically I can use DPNs. Circulars are matter of convenience until there is some bulk to the item.

The “full set” from KP was to beat the shipping. I have the single 16" size Walmart has. The rest of the stores with knitting stuff require a longer drive than what I do for spur of the moment.

The smallest you can do with the Needlemaster is 20". That is usually too big for a hat.

Not for my head :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone. Looks like I’ll get the DPNs and see what I can turn out in the lathe for circulars.

Don’t do either. I have the Options set and what I do is use a [B]longer[/B] cord. I do magic loop knitting from the beginning to the end of the hat instead of switching to double pointed needles. With magic loop you determine the space you need by pulling out a loop in the middle of the knitting. Amy has a video for magic loop.

Why? Most hats measure about 21" or more. Only children’s hats are smaller, but by only a couple inches. You don’t use the full length to knit with anyway, the tips crossover a little and the sts will stretch to reach that little bit extra without permanently stretching out. After the first round, they’ll fit without any stretching.

With negative ease to factored, 21 inches seems like a pretty big hat to me. Or my family just has small heads!


Most adult heads run about 21-24" around. So maybe they do have small heads… <g>

My sister said my nephew’s head was too big to get through store bought cloths without cutting the collar when he was little.
I occasionally run into baseball caps that need to be on the last notch.

Something I noticed that I’m going to have to do if I get the KP DPNs is probably plate them a different color. That reflecting would give me a migraine faster than primary red yarn.
I wish they offered a black nickel choice.

Oooh, black nickel plating sounds awesome! I love my Options (but usually favor my Addi’s) and the “reflecting” doesn’t bother me, but I think I’d totally buy black nickel plated needles. What an awesome idea. :smiley:

Thank you, Jeremy, for saving me from posting what you did. Magic Loop is great for projects like hats and socks, etc.

Real men use DPNs :stuck_out_tongue: