Things you wish you knew before

Hi all, I’m a new knitter, knitting for a few days and learning more advanced stuff.

Anywho, Looking to see what more experienced knitters think and get some tips, so, what do you know now, about knitting, that you wish you knew when you started?

This thread should help you a ton. I know it helped me when I was starting out! :slight_smile:

Good luck!

I would like to have learned much sooner that there is so much to know about knitting that you will never learn it all. And I would have liked to have been encouraged to knit without a pattern from early on. I’m not saying to never use a pattern but to be more adventurous, you learn a lot that way.

Not completely sure how to answer that, but one very important thing to learn is to [U]read your knitting[/U]! Learn what a knit, a purl, a YO look like so you can go back and count or see if you have a mistake when a pattern doesn’t come right at the end of the row.