Things I'll never do again!

  1. Knit something where the tension gauge of the wool and the pattern differ wildly!:passedout:

Gramercy, the sweater is magnificent! Just perfect. Your work is lovely.

(I’m doing one of those “never again” projects at the moment myself. I know what you mean.)

Looks good to me!
Very accurate knitting.
Well done!


I think it is stunning!!!

I keep coming back to look at this sweater.

cuz I have some wool…

and your sweater is really lovely. how about a deal?
you send me yours, and I will wear it for you.

Haha - problem is you’d have to persuade my granddaughter to part with it - I guess you’ll just have to wield the needles yourself :wink:

Here’s a link if you are inspired -


ok. so.
pink? or the other pink?
or maybe in a soft grey?

but I had plans for those.

I see a wool shopping trip in my future.

but NOT until I’ve finished a couple of things first.

“I see a wool shopping trip in my future.”

Any excuse… :whistle:

May I suggest cream? I think it really does go with arran designs.

I do like cream.

But I REALLY need to use what I’ve got.

If I use up everything (well, most of it…) THEN I’ll go on a shopping toot and be sure to get cream. its been YEARS since I’ve knit something for myself in that colour.

Actually, I only recently took up knitting again. a year or two. before that, I didn’t have time to even look at yarn. I think I stopped when I bought my farm in the early 90’s.

but its certainly amazing to see how quickly I raised a considerable stash. I blame the Listowel Tent Sale.
and the friend who took me. perhaps? :wink:

Ooooh - don’t! I’ve got a calendar entry for October’s Knitting Show in London - not sure if I dare go! :think:

Dear Xtopher:

you are a tease.
now I HAVE to go again. and we’re adding the Mary Maxim sale (in Paris).

I spent $200 last year at Listowel, and brought home enough yarn for 12 , maybe more, sweaters. I’ll probably get two from the grey, and with the “leftover” pinks, I will do a fair aisle.

and with ALL the leftovers, well, I’ll think of something.

I bought some lovely marino blend Carron, in a cinnamon colour. Got started, and thought I didn’t buy enough. (duh. WHAT was I thinking? 9 85 gm balls…)

so I called them in the dead of winter, they tracked down the LAST package of 3 balls. the catch? I had to buy the whole package. total $ including shipping, was less than $20.

It came, I knitted, and when I was done, discovered I already had all the wool I needed. It was buried in the HUGE bag from the sale, hidden by all the other yarns I bought that day.

so now, the cinnamon sweater is completed, (I’ll post a pic, I wear this one a LOT) and I have 5 1/2 balls leftover.

I might do socks and gloves with it. OR, I might combine it with something else and do a picture sweater.

I’m rambling on this morning.

cinnamon marino sweater:

with apologies for it being sideways.

Well, it’s been a long time - I was reminded by a kind birthday hello from the group!
Reason for time out - I made myself promise to finish the jacket pictured before I posted again :roll: It deffo comes under the thread “Things I’ll never do again” Everlasting edge with collar shaping as well!!
I just finished the tiny wee jacket as an antidote :happydance:

Lovely to be back.

That’s a beautiful jacket and a pleasure to see. So well done.
I can see what you mean about the endless edge too but it’s so worth the trouble.
Love the little jacket as well. Just adorable.

Well, you may never knit this again, but I’m impressed! Well done

Love your knitting!