Things I have been working on

These Items are what I have been working on recently. The darker color is a new born size and the lighter color is 12 month. The buttons on the darker one are little gingerbread men, and the lighter color has yellow duckies

How sweet! [B][COLOR=“Red”]L :heart: OVE[/COLOR][/B] them.

What adorable sets, Daylily! They are beautifully done and such a joy to see.

The sets are beautiful. Great work.

These are for my next grandson who is due in March. The newborn one will fit him when she brings him home from hospital. The lighter color colored on is for next winter. It is a 12 month size.


so sweet! we have a new baby in the family too…but I have only made a warm hat so far!!!
Your work is gorgeous!

Thank you all for the comments. I had fun knitting them. Thinking of the new baby who will be here soon.

How wonderful, your work is incredible.

Lovely and cosy looking.


Beautiful work! He will be so warm and cuddly!