Things I Hate Knowing I'll Never Know

This is totally random, but, has anyone else thought about the things they’ll never know and it drives you nuts? lol

Like just now, hubby was talking to our daughter about how she’s going to learn all sorts of new things in school, more than we knew, then he went on to say that if she has kids, her kids will know even more, etc, etc. I was thinking, ya know, it really sucks that I’m not going to know many of my future relatives. My kids’ kids probably tops, but after that, I won’t know my great, great grandkids or what will become of my family line.

Also, I probably won’t know just how the world ends, or, if humans eventually pack up and move to a new planet for survival, or if we eventually go the way of the dinosaurs or what.

I dunno, maybe I think too much…lol…But, sometimes, when I really get to thinking about things like that it drives me crazy knowing I’ll most likely never know!

I hope I’ll know a time when there’s no racism, homophobia, sexism, terrorism, hatred and bigotry, but I don’t know if that time will ever come. I try to keep hope that it will.

Ditto. What would we do without hope? It’s my favorite word.

And yes, there are so many things that I wish/hope I would know. That quest for knowledge is what makes a teachers life so rewarding. What a great getting ready for school to start pep talk for your daughter.

Ditto that!

I think if you know you’re loved and can love in return, it doesn’t really matter what you end up not knowing. Just my opinion!

I think you’ll see it all play out from the comfort of your very own fluffy cloud in Heaven. Since I’ve always gained comfort from believing that those who have gone before me are looking down at me and are (hopefully) proud of the woman I’ve become, I think we must all someday see that same vision. It’s just a different angle to the dangle, but we’re all connected! Perhaps it’s just my view though.

Well said! :thumbsup:

I see what you mean Demonica! On the other hand, life can be hard sometimes, and it’s probably better we don’t know what kind of difficult times we might have to go through. Sorry if I’m being depressing. :oops: :teehee: But I guess what I mean is that not knowing can have some advantages too. :wink:

We are all very philosophical today! :teehee:

I agree completely.

And no, iza, you’re not being depressing, I know just what ya mean.

I totally understand what you mean - I really want to live to see the advances in science we might make, to see if we ever do actually manage to live together, to see the kind of changes I wish for the world.

While I’m more inclined to believe that I’ll experience bits and pieces of the future through future lives than that I’ll watch it from above, at the very least I know that the atoms I consist of will continue on - they’ll become the air, the earth, the breath that my future great-great-great-great-great grandchildren breathe. Even after the end of the Earth, those atoms will go on to become comet trails, stardust, other planets.

So I hope that we, as a race, have managed to find a way to live peacefully elsewhere by the time that happens, but I wonder what gods they will pray to, what books they’ll read that I never got to, what equations will seem obvious to them. I wonder what we believe now that seems as true as the sun that will seem as completely ridiculous as the flat-earth to them. I love these questions, thanks for asking them.

That was really beautiful. The thought of becoming a comet trail and/or stardust is pretty cool to me.

has anyone else thought about the things they’ll never know and it drives you nuts?

I don’t know, I’ll have to get back to you on that.

Carl Sagan said something like “We are all made of star-stuff!” I love that!

Not knowing the future is one reason I think I like scifi so much. I’ve always been a big fan of Heinlein, Bradbury, Asimov, and others as well as Star Trek in it’s different incarnations. I have hope that mankind will get it’s act together and we will learn to live together on this amazing planet in peace.
I sometimes wish I had been born a generation earlier since they had a more stable life cycle, but then again I wish I was younger so that I would be able to see some of the great things man is on the verge of accomplishing.
I do love to learn new things though, thank goodness for the Discovery channels and the internet.

It was a quote similar to that that got me interested in Physics in the first place. It’s true - every single atom in our bodies was created in the furnaces of stars. There was only hydrogen to begin with, then the heavier elements were created as stars formed. It’s an incredible legacy to have, and is inherent to my spirituality as well - the total connectedness of the entire universe and all its components inspires me, I feel the divine in the details.

You guys are so deep. I wonder who will be walking in my backyard years from now. Will they enjoy this place as much as I do, stuff like that.:wink:

I think of that too! I wonder who will live in my house, if they’ll also have kids, things like that. Actually, under my sink in my bathroom, I wrote my name, hubby’s name and my kids names and the year we moved in and when we move I’ll put the year we moved out. I know I’d think that was pretty neat seeing the names of the families before me and the years they occupied the house.

I did that once but when I went back that house had been torn down and replaced with a different one.

I feel just the same. I know, in some way, I’ll still be here after I’m gone. Whether my body (or ashes) contributes to the soil that produces beautiful flowers, or ripe foods for the animals to eat, or a sturdy tree that lives for hundreds of years, there will be some part of me that continues on. Which is also why I don’t want to be buried in a coffin. I’d much prefer to be cremated and have my ashes scattered about, free to go with the wind, wherever it chooses to take me.

Aw man, that really sucks!

My mom just recently painted the room that my sister and I shared when we were girls. When she went to paint the inside of the closet she found where we had climbed up to the very top and had decorated the inside of the closet with drawings, our names, doodlings, etc. She left it that way (of course she couldn’t help teasing us a little about it). I hope that someday there will be other little girls climbing to the top of that closet and finding our “art” and adding their own.