Things for your feet

Does anyone have any patterns for project to make to wear on your feet… I’ve seen a couple threads that have shown their finished clogs… I’d like the pattern to those, if possible. But I’d also like stuff that wasn’t so big. I’m thinking something that you just knit the top of, and then attatch it to a pair of flip-flops with the thong removed or something like that. Are there any patterns out there for stuff like that?

I also just thought of a quick project… Cover (or totally remove) the plastic thong in a pair for flip-flops with an I-Cord… or a felted I-cord! That might be good for me because I don’t wear flip-flops because I don’t like that plastic thingy between my toes.


These might give you some ideas! Spooky has several posts related to them; you can search under her name.

Here is the fuzzy flip flops pattern.

And here is the pattern for the short toed socklets that look cute with any pair of sandals.

I’ve put pictures of each of them below. I knit the fuzzy flip flops, but I haven’t tried making the socklets yet.

WOW! Those socklets are totally cool!! I think the pattern is a little above my head tho… I’m definately going to bookmark them for sure! Cutest things ever, they are!!

Thanks for the ideas… are there anymore out there?? I did find in a past thread that the clog pattern is not free, that it must be ordered…so I guess I’m not looking for a link to that pattern anymore. But are there any more patterns for things for your feet?

There are tons of sock patterns, and house shoe patterns and slipper patterns, and legwarmers, etc. The list goes on and on.

You can try doing a search with the button at the top of this page, and you’ll find lots of postings with links to patterns.

Here’s a plush footie pattern:

Have you checked these out?

This is from the site that Ingrid sent. They are so quick to knit up and comfy too.

Those pocket book slippers do look cute. Although, i must say… I’m not sure how often I’ve rooted around in my purse wishing I had some slippers in there!! :lol: :lol: Do a lot of people carry slippers with them… Just In Case!! ??? :lol: :lol:


:roflhard: Well, of course we do! I put them on at the mall, at work, going to the doctor, and the grocery store.

LOL…but really, quick to knit and nice to wear around the house if your feet get a bit cold. Like that is going to happen in Texas anytime soon.

Always be prepared, I always say! :wink: :rofling:

That’s just hilarious!

That’s just hilarious!